Category: Stadium field, as shown of the following pictures
The build time: October 2001
Scale: About 42000 people (Usually about 34000 people)
The architectural feature: Net frame structure, metal roof, covering two thirds of the auditorium
The major competition which was held: Football World Cup in 2002

64 pcs 2000w narrow beam angle light
72 pcs 2000w middle beam angle light
64 pcs 1500w narrow beam angle light
72 pcs 1500w middle beam angel light
Lux level:
Average horizontal illumination: 1680 lux
Average vertical illumination: 1220 lux
Color Rendering Index: Ra=83

To reach the best lux requirement, how many pcs and watts of Mecree led can replace the above lights? How much cost will be saved for you?
Mecree Led with high CRI>80, high light efficiency 160lm/w, it’s 4-5 times of traditional lamp.
64pcs 800 w+ 64 pcs 800w+ 64 pcs 600w + 72 pcs 600w
It can save more than 80% energy and electricity . And you don’t need to worry about maintain it or replace it.
Besides, because of perfect cooling system and strong and firm body, Mecree Led ensures that it is very safe and high practical usage.
If you want to know more about of products, pls visit this link about our support for FIFA world cup project:

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