Gerland stadium (Stade de Gerland)

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Build Time: In 1926.
Site: District 7 of Lyon
Architect: Albert Constantin
Architectural Features: The Gerland Stadium is the venue for the two World Cup matches and is also a local historic building.
The major competition which was held:
1998 France FIFA World Cup
Scale: Before Transformation: 42000 seats
After Transformation(In 1998): 44000 seats
The layout of lights: Four towers, lighthouse height 40 meters
Model: MVF 406/ MHD1800W
216pcs(One side, 58 sets per tower; one side, 50 sets per tower),including 164pcs CAT A3, 38pcs CAT A4, 14pcs CAT A5.

Lux level:
Average horizontal illumination is 2000 lux
Average vertical illumination is 1600 lux
Color Temperature: 5600 k
Color Rendering Index: Ra>90
Comments: This is an excellent lighting design, using only 216pcs lamps, about 400KW energy consumption, reaching the average vertical illumination of 1600lux, which is worth studying by readers. Please note that the lighthouse of the four-corner lamp is asymmetrical, which is often used in lighting design.
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