Korea Sangam stadium lighting design

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Sangam stadium Seoul, Korea
Completion date: December 2001
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Architectural features: the roof of Seoul Sangam stadium with unique football concept can cover 93% of the entire auditorium area;The stadium's exterior is a huge rectangle, like the shape of a traditional Korean kite;The pillars that hold up the roof resemble the masts of traditional Korean ships on the Angang river
Scale: can hold 63930 audiences

Major games held: 2002 football World Cup venue
Light source of lamps:
MVF403 / MHD2000W: 264 sets
MVF024 / MHD - TD2000W: 36 sets
QNF417/1500 w Halogen: 18 sets
Lighting index:
Average horizontal luminosity: 2000lux
Average vertical luminosity: 1500lux
CCT: 5600 k
CRI: Ra>90

Comments: the huge ceiling covers the stadium, and its unique architectural shape makes the stadium can only be used in the way of light belt distribution, lamps and lanterns layout is more reasonable, 300 lamps and lanterns to achieve such a high level of lighting economy is better.MVF403 lamps and lanterns are the latest products of PHILIPS, which have excellent performance.Emergency lighting adopts reliable halogen and tungsten lamps that can be started instantly, but the emergency lighting system can only meet the evacuation requirements of personnel, cannot continue to play games, and cannot meet the lighting requirements of emergency TV

Mecree LED half of energy can replace the halogen lamps, means of 2000 w halogen lamp illumination, use GL - FL1000W can completely replace, that is to say, the Sangam stadium 300 set 2000 w can change into 150 set GL - FL1000W, and 18 sets of 1500 w can be replaced by 9set GL - FL800W, but also can save energy, Mecree LED energy consumption is about a third of the halogen lamp, GL - FL1000W only consumes the HPI - 2000W 1/6 of the energy, Assuming that the electricity bill of 600,000 dollars should be paid every year before, Mecree LED can save 480,000 dollars every year

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