Barcelona Sant Jordi stadium lighting design

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Sant Jordi stadium in Barcelona
Size: 17,000 seats
Architect: Arata Isozaki (Japan)
Architectural features: it has a 128mX106m race area and a large dome over 13000m2, 45m high from the track
Major games held: venues for gymnastics, handball, and volleyball at the 25th summer Olympic Games in 1992

Lighting: level lighting, dome lighting, public area lighting and service area lighting
Lamp source: HNF002/ HPI-T2000w : 240 sets
Lighting index:
Average horizontal luminosity : 2500lux
Average vertical luminosity : 1250lux
CCT: 5600 k
CRI: Ra>90

Design concept: there are two main objectives to be achieved: first, centralized lighting of the competition area to save energy;Secondly, try to focus the audience’s attention on the ongoing activities as much as possible, so as to improve the visual comfort.For different sports areas, including 200m track, different levels of lighting were set according to their different needs.These requirements include: match and post-match, training, amateur and professional matches as well as television and video.The lights are placed symmetrically on the 31m and 35m high light Bridges directly above the runway.This placement provides a good visual comfort and maintains a low level of glare
How to turn on the light under different sports in the competition area:
Comments: side lighting along the long axis can avoid glare on athletes and improve the vertical illumination.Combined with decorative lighting, the effect is better.

Mecree LED half of energy can replace the halogen lamps, means that the HPI – T2000W illumination, use SPL – FL1000W can completely replace, that is to say, the stadium in Barcelona 240 set 2000 w can change into 120 set SPL – FL1000W, but also can save energy, Mecree LED energy consumption is about 1/3 of the halogen lamp, SPL – FL1000W only 1/6 of the energy consumption HPI – T2000W, assuming that need to pay the electricity bills, 600000 dollars a year before Mecree LED can save 500,000 dollars per year
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