Mainly Factors Must Be Considered of Swimming Pool Lighting: Camera Distribution, Layout of LED Flood Lights

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In this article, following the previous article on the lighting standards of swimming pool, this paper mainly from the camera location, as well as the layout of swimming pool lighting to help customer know more about the swimming pools lighting.

Camera Distribution of Swimming Pool Lighting

1. Camera distribution

The camera bitmap of this kind of competition venue is shown in Figure 1.
swimming pool lighting
Figure 1:Location of swimming pool camera

2.Camera Detailed Locations

Seat Type Location Use
1 Large Star/end at the top of the stand main feature shot
2 Large Star/end at the low of the stand Specific shot
3 Miniature Move back and forth on the 50m swimming pool platform. Low angle action
4 Large 50m starting at the low of the stand 50m starting point, low turning action
5 Large 50m stands at the top of the stand 50m starting point, mid turn, main turn
6 Wireless Start/end: pool shore Introduction, swimming pool’s exit and ceremony
7 Wireless Start/end: pool shore Introduction, swimming pool’s exit and ceremony
8 Potable Corner ashore of the swimming pool Specific shot, ceremony
9 Miniature vehicle mounted mobile camera The bottom of the sixth lane of the swimming pool moves back and forth in 2M. Underwater tracking camera
10 Miniature viaduct 80m track above central swimming pool road Aerial photography
11 Large Back of pool bank Scene shot, action decomposition action
12 Potable Pool bank corner on the side of swimming pool Decomposing action
13 Portable Installed on common tower (to be determined) Stadium shot
14 Miniature Installed at the bottom of the swimming pool from the right camera 3m on the start / end point Upside down
15 Miniature Installed at the bottom of the swimming pool from the left camera 4m on the start / end point Upside down
16 Periscope camera Installed on the wall of the swimming pool from the entrance 12m Range of underwater photography from 15 meters mark of swimming lane
17 Miniature Installed at the entrance of the fourth lane Fourth mouth and flip, swimmer’s specific shot
18 Miniature Installed at the entrance of the fifth lane Fifth entry and flip, swimmer’s specific shot
19 Waterproof hanger camera Swimming pool corner ashore Corner camera range and ceremony
20 Large SSM camera Starting / end centre of the stand decomposition action
21 Large SSM camera Central bank Facing decomposition action and ceremony
22 Large SSM camera In the athletes’ gathering room Leave the gathering room

Layout of LED Floodlight

The indoor swimming and diving hall usually considers the maintenance of led floodlights, and generally does not arrange led stadium flood lights above the water surface, except that there are special maintenance channels above the water surface. For venues without TV broadcasting requirements, led floodlights are often scattered above the water under the ceiling, under the roof or on the wall, for venues with television broadcasting requirements, LED stadium lights are generally arranged in the light belt type, that is, in the pool shore on both sides of the longitudinal arrangement of the road, in the pool shore on both ends of the horizontal arrangement of the road. In addition, it is necessary to set up appropriate LED stadium lights under the platform and springboard to eliminate the shadows formed by the platform and springboard, and to focus on lighting the warm-up pool of diving.
It should be emphasized that diving should not be arranged above the jumping pool. Otherwise, the mirror image of the lamp will appear in the water, which will interfere with the athlete’ judgment and exertion.
In addition, due to the unique optical characteristics of water media, indoor swimming and diving hall lighting and horseway layout mainly consider the following issues.
led swimming pool lighting

1. Glare control

Due to the unique optical characteristics of water medium, the glare control of swimming pool lighting is more difficult than other types of stadiums, and it is also important for dragons.
A. Controls the reflected glare of the water surface by controlling the projection angle of the stadium lights. Generally speaking, the projection angle of the led stadium lights in the gymnasium is not more than 60 degrees, and the projection angle of the led floodlights in the swimming pool is not more than 55 degrees, preferably not more than 50 degrees.
led swimming pool lights
B. Aimed at glare control measures for divers. As far as diving is concerned, its range of ground includes 2 meters from the platform and 5 meters from the board to the water surface, that is, the whole track space of the diver. In this space, the venue lights do not allow any discomfort to the athletes.
C. Strictly controls the glare of cameras. That is, the led light from the still water surface must not be reflected to the main camera field of view, and the stadium lights emitted by the led sport lights must not be directed to the fixed camera. The 50 degree fan shaped area centered on a fixed camera is more ideal if it is not directly irradiated.
swimming pool light mecree
D. Strictly controls the glare produced by the image of lamps and lanterns in water. For the swimming and diving hall with TV broadcasting, the space of the competition hall is higher, and the illumination LED floodlights of the venue generally use metal halide lamps of more than 400W. These metal halide lamps in the water mirror brightness is very high, if appears in the athlete, the referee, the camera’s viewing field of vision, will produce the glare, affects the competition and the viewing as well as the broadcast quality.

2. Horse road layout

A. Correctly determines the spatial scope of lighting calculation in competition.
B. Reasonably determine the location of the horse road.
Television broadcasting requires not only horizontal illumination but also vertical illumination in 4 directions. At the same time, in order to ensure the stereoscopic feeling of shooting pictures, the ratio of horizontal illuminance to vertical illuminance should be between Eh/Ev 0.5-2. Take Fig. 7-145 as an example, the projection angle led stadium flood lights of the proximal sighting point should not be too small, while the projection angle led stadium flood lights of the distal sighting point should not be too large. If the projection angle alpha 1 is too small, the vertical illumination component is too small to meet the Eh/Ev ratio requirements, and if the projection angle alpha 2 is too large, serious glare will be produced.

Design principles of lighting energy conservation

1 Lighting standards should not be lowered.
2. Choose the right lighting standard.
Choosing the right lighting standard is very important. For most prefectural and municipal gymnasiums and sports buildings of colleges and universities, their sports lighting should not be designed according to the standards of holding international competitions, otherwise the following problems will arise:
A. an increase in investment
B. maintenance workload increased and maintenance cost increased.
The power supply and distribution system of
C. for sports lighting is complex, and the power consumption is increased.
D. Even if international competitions are designed for lighting, when international competitions are to be held in the future, they will need to be reformed in accordance with the latest requirements of international individual sports organizations and television broadcasters.
3. Permanent lighting system combined with temporary lighting system.
4.Work closely with the architecture profession.
5.Consider both technical performance and investment.


According to the two articles, mainly state from the illuminance requirement, camera location, the layout, and additional design principles of lighting energy conservation of swimming pool lighting, hope this can provide you with some tips and solutions to your swimming pools lighting project. If you still have questions, want to know more about swimming pools lighting or LED floodlights selection, please send an email to [email protected], will reply you in 24 hours.
led swimming pool lighting

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