Beach volleyball lighting project – Buyer’s guide

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Do you want to attract more customers to your beach sports center. Led light is the best choice because of it’s energy saving and long lifespan. For more advantages, you can enjoy the electrophoresis and powder painted treatment, high light transmittance>98%, replacing more powerful metal halide. Saving at least 70% cost. Let’s visit the following information to see how to light up your beach sports lighting project.

The standards of Beach Volleyball Lighting

1. High Lux Level

our customer says that: When it comes to a good lighting project, you should see whether there exist the area of darkness. So uniformity and very few corner lighting are the key points.
For the recreational beach sports lighting project, the lux level should be about 80-150 lux.
The ordinary competition should be 150 – 200 lux.
For national or international competition should be 700 – 1500 lux.
Don’t worry, Mecree engineer will do the best lighting Dialux simulation for you.

2.Real anti-corrosion and water-proof for your Beach Sports Lighting

When you are in the beach volleyball court, you may feel that there are sand, and the corrosion from sea water.
Mecree Led has the treatment of electrophoresis and powder-painted treatment, to keep it real anti-corrosion.
Besides, Mecree Led is ip66, can resist the heavy rain and dust-proof

3.Heat sink of beach lighting

Mecree Led with a patent 4D cooling system, each fin is cut by many times to make it light and thin. So that the cooling area is the biggest in led market. Our junction temperature<65℃. A long lifespan and low light decay depens on a good cooling design. Mecree led can work >80000hrs, low light decay<5% (In 5 years)

4.How to achieve Uniformity

Mecree Led use calculus optical lens, PC material. The PC material has the price of 1-6 times. A bad optical will have high light decay, low uniformity. You may need to change the light in 1 year.
Besides, we have the technology of multiple refraction. Making the light more uniformity. When broadcasting your beach volleyball court, it will make the audience and athletes more comfortable.
(The right picture indicates that we have no redundant light, real uniformity)

5. Color Temperature and CRI

You may find that there are beach court lighting with different color temperature and CRI.
Don’t worry, our engineer will give you the suggestion of the best suitable cct (We have 2700-6500K for option) and CRI. So that we can make your beach sports lighting project more activity.

6. No Flickering for HDTV broadcasting

When the beach volleyball court lighting need be for HDTV broadcasting, flickering is an important key of capturing the slow motion and high quality video.
Mecree Led with no flickering, to make you enjoy the comfortable image quality and effects.

The layout of Beach Volleyball Lighting

The standard beach volleyball field is 16m*8m, with 5m wide in each around.

Ground requirements: the vertical axis of the site shall be north-south, the ground shall be flat sand, soft natural sand, and not contain mud (qualified by the testing organization of the international volleyball federation), the thickness shall be at least 40cm, no irritation, no stones and hard objects and other sundries that are harmful to athletes, need have good drainage performance.

The lights should be placed on both sides of beyond 1m, The installation height of the light pole should not be less than 12m. The following pictures for your reference:

If you have the beach sports lighting project, pls contact with us: [email protected] We will make a lighting dialux simulation and calculate the total cost and delivery time for you.

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