The ways of arranging the lighting for indoor stadium project

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MECREE LED not only sell lights, we mainly do projects, so the quality and stability of lights are our pursuit. The powerful engineering team of MECREE provides strong technical support for customers, such as lighting simulation solutions, special products and other technical support. The following will introduce three ways of arranging the lighting for indoor stadium project for you.
The following arrangement lighting methods should be adopted for the stadium lighting:
indoor stadium lighting design
1. Top arranging lighting mode: The stadium lighting is arranged above the field, and the beam is perpendicular to the site plane;
2. Ways of arranging lighting on both sides: the stadium lamps are arranged on both sides of the site, and the beam is not perpendicular to the site plane;
3. Mixed arranging lighting method: the combination of the top cloth and the two sides.
The lighting arrangement of the stadium shall comply with the following provisions:
indoor stadium lights
indoor led stadium lights
1. The top of the lights should be symmetrical type of arranged lighting mode, applicable to the lower space, no TV broadcast requirements of the stadium. The lights should be as the following figure 1, 2.
2. Both sides of the light should be selected asymmetrical light arranging lights arranged on the horse track, suitable for vertical illumination to go to a higher and television relay requirements of the stadium. The position of gymnasium lamps and lanterns should not affect the direction of athletes’ main line of sight. The angle of sight of all lamps and lanterns should be between 25° and 65°. The angle between the projection line and the baseline of the line between the end of the horse course and the midpoint of the baseline should be greater than 30° (Fig. 3,4 below).
indoor stadium lights led
indoor stadium lighting led mecree
3. Mixed layout, that is, the combination of top and side arrangement. Applicable to large comprehensive stadiums.
led stadium lights led
If you are having indoor stadium lighting projects at hand or should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us at email [email protected]
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