How to Light Ice Hockey Field?

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Ice hockey is a sport which combine the changeable skating skills and the agile and skilled hockey skills.
The standard ice hockey rink is 60 meters long, 30 meters wide, 8.5 meters with arc radius, and a solid boundary wall made of wood or plastic materials of 1.15~1.12 meters around the hockey rink. All ice surfaces and interior walls should be white except for the official marking of the field.
As spectators are far away from the sports field, especially in large stadiums, in order to ensure that athletes and spectators can track fast athletes and be able to see the games, especially the small detailed movements of athletes, and the visibility of moving objects depends on the size, speed and brightness of the object, as well as the background and ambient brightness , therefore, ice hockey sports competitions should have a high level of lighting.

Special tips for ice hockey field lighting

1.The baffle around the ice rink is prone to shadow, so attention should be paid to the design.
This can be solved by fitting the luminaire on the boom or by choosing the appropriate mounting height and projection direction.
2.The ice hockey field lighting design should pay attention to the following points: first, improve the illumination near the goal, but don’t sacrifice the illumination evenness, because the near goal is the focus of the two parties, there are many people, and the ball speed will change quickly. It is usually possible to reduce the distance between the light fixtures in the goal area or use a higher output light source near the goal. Second, the light fixture should not be installed on the short side of the ice rink to avoid causing reflected glare on the ice.

3.For one or two ice rinks, the side lighting method can be adopted to solve the problem of condensation water dropping onto the ice surface. Besides, the side lighting is easier to maintain, with good vertical illumination, good three-dimensional sense of objects, and it is easier to meet the requirements of TV transmission and film shooting. Side lighting system is more suitable for speed skating.
4.Ice hockey is multi-directional ground movement, passing the ice hockey in the air for a short time. Direct glare from the light and reflection through the ice should be minimized. The lighting position and angle of sight should reduce the shadow from the baffle and the net. All light fixtures should be installed above the viewer’s line of sight on the highest and farthest seat of the motion area.
5.The minimum height of the light post is 12.2 (40 feet), placed along both sides of the course (lengthwise). The lighting position and aiming point should also reduce the shadow of the scoreboard and the net.
6.In general, ice hockey halls can be used for figure skating ( exercises, matches and performances ). Special considerations for these purposes should be considered.

Commonly used light fixtures for ice hockey field lighting

Efficient LED floodlights are usually the choice for ice hockey field lighting. The unique luminescent lens of LED floodlights can effectively and uniformly project light onto the surface of the object, avoid light loss, greatly improve the light utilization rate and surface brightness of the object, athletes, spectators and referees can catch the movement easily . And , for ice hockey field lighting, the LED floodlights need to be with low glare design .
MECREE have high power LED floodlights series, patent fin type heat dissipation structure design, IP67, 160lm/w , with ultra-low glare design , and professional engineer team, can meet your different standard remands for ice hockey field lighting projects . If you are interested, have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours .

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