How to choose the best Billboard Lighting?

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How to attract more intention by using the billboard lighting? We accumulated about 10-year experience on the outdoor sign lighting, the GL-FL model has been in the market for 5 years.
We have participated in commercial lighting for around 100 examples of outdoor advertising LED billboards. While helping our customers to properly illuminate the sign properly, we thoroughly understand the requirements and know what’s a good product, such as linear lighting. Let us explore how to choose the right luminaries.

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MECREE LED Billboard Light project

The following picture show our billboard light project which used 12pcs 60 degree GL-FL-100w led floodlight in Latvia. During the installation, 6pcs 100w led floodlight were installed on the top of the billboard with the light facing down. At the same time, 6pcs 100w led floodlight were installed under the billboard and the direction of the light was upward to illuminate the advertisement screen.
led billboard lighting fixtures

The most important issue with LED billboard light is the uniformity of illumination. Making sure that evenly distributed lighting can make your ads more fluid, especially at night. To achieve this goal, we adopt four columns of billboard lighting , we have designed the 6 kinds of beam Angle: 10 ° 24 ° 38 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 °. Our engineers will design the best suitable products according to the specific conditions of your billboard, which means that Angle can be arbitrary collocation. So you will recognize there will be uniformity illumination go through the distal, middle and proximal region of the large sign areas.

billboard lighting fixtures

Why using MECREE LED lighting for billboard?

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From the perspective of the owner, we want to optimize revenue. For this reason, we can use LED light with high luminous efficiency 160LM/W. MECREE produces a series of LED billboard light with very high watt lumens and the most uniform illumination distribution.

1.Reduce lighting costs

It has become practical to reduce the cost of billboard lighting by LED lights. With energy savings of up to 90%, you can reduce your energy consumption. In addition, extending service life more than 2-3 times, reducing maintenance costs, and reducing rebates can also save money.

2. IP 67 Rating

In addition to saving money, our environment is also protected because of lower CO2 emissions. For the durability issues, our billboard light is IP67 rated yo withstand harsh weather conditions, such as outdoor environment of sandstorm, stormy.

3. 5 years warranty

As for the warranty, we provide 5 years guarantee of “working six hours a day can guarantee 10 years warranty”. This feature makes our products ideal for outdoor signage, compared to traditional lights such as MHL, while avoiding frequent maintenance and replacement rates.

The GL-SFL model is produced according to the demand of customers in the European and American markets, is also suitable for billboard lighting. On the basis of the same quality, we control the cost and designed with SMD patch. For more information, please click here.

If you are interested in buying high quality LED lighting for billboards, please feel free to contact us by email. [email protected]
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MECREE has successfully completed more that 1000 lighting projects

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