How to built up the senior stadium lighting

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The requirements and standards of senior stadiums are very strict. As MECREE’s GL-FL series helps customers win so many senior projects, we can analyze the advantages as follow:
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GL-FL Series Optical principle

Using the secondary optical principle PC lens, high transmittance and heat resistance, the principle of infinitesimal optics makes the utilization rate reach 98%, with low residual light and no stroboflash.
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The role of CRI

High speed sports, maintaining a good lighting evenness on the field can help improve the players’ play and create high definition video. A color temperature is a sensation or phenomenon that describes the warmth (red) or coldness (blue) that illuminates.Current digital camera technology, the camera can be based on the actual color moderate contrast to achieve the ideal color quality
Color index is the ability of artificial lighting source to restore natural light.The higher the color index, the better the light color,GL-FL series CRI>80, in line with high-definition broadcast
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The meaning of anti-glare by GL-FL Series

All indoor lighting exports to the EU have anti-glare standards, UGR<19, or even lower.Actually as early as 1995, CIE (international commission of illumination) has put forward the concept of luminaire anti-glare, and took UGR (Unified Glare Rating) as an index to evaluate indoor lighting environment discomfort Glare.Our GL-FL series can cooperate with site design to control UGR in indoor >20 and outdoor >50
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Light pollution of GL-FL Series

Light pollution includes some things that may have adverse effects on people’s visual environment and physical health. The common conditions of light pollution are mostly caused by the dizziness of pedestrians and drivers caused by the reflection of mirror buildings, as well as the discomfort caused by unreasonable lighting at night.However, GL-FL series has been carefully designed to adjust the light source only within the required field range, avoiding the impact of light pollution on the surrounding area.
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Standard senior field application comply with international standard (FIFA filed in the Papua New Guinea)
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