Race Track & Sports Arena Lighting Techniques

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Motor sports are increasing in popularity across the United States. NASCAR, which was once the favored spectator sport of the South has now spread to every corner of the nation. Its fans are always looking for other motor sports to enjoy when NASCAR is not in its racing season. In many cases, this means that fans are building their own lighted race tracks to race at on the weekends and during the evenings.
About the Motor-racing track field lighting:
The size of your track will determine the number and spacing of the poles. These will also be dictated by the brightness of the lights you put in. If you are installing simple wooden poles you will likely be advised the following: that for 300 watt lights use 8 meters or shorter poles; 400W-500 watt lights need to be mounted 8 to 12 meter high; and 1000 watt lights must be placed at least 12 meter off the ground. For larger tracks, or for a more permanent, professional look, consider installing steel or fiberglass poles.

Mecree GL-FL-300W for Motor-racing track field in Germany

Mecree can design the bracket according your needs

One MECREE 500W at 25 meters high,brighter than 2 pcs 500W LED in the industry

1.High Lighting Uniformity

The best Race Track & Sports Arena Lighting systems should provide high uniformity of lighting. Ideal situation, the maximum lighting uniformity is 1. However, because of some external reasons, we rarely reach such a maximum. For general games, 0.6-0.7 is enough high, but for professional stadiums, hosting international competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, evenness is better above 0.8.
For Race Track & Sports Arena Lighting Techniques, uniformity is recommended to be greater than 0.6. Racing is a kind of exciting and dangerous Race. If some key areas are not bright enough, there may be safety risks. Mecree can give you an perfect optical distribution system based on your needs.

2.Anti Glare

Anti – glare reduces the dazzling effect. This function is particularly important for racing drivers. If a racer encounters glare during the race, will directly affect the race and even have safety problems. We cannot say that the lamp has no glare, which is impossible, but our LED is equipped with a built-in anti-glare lens, coupled with a scientific light distribution system, which controls the GR or UGR in a reasonable and safe range, minimizes the glare, Besides, , the glare also depends on the height of the pole, and the angle of the installation, we will give you best professional suggestion, thus improving the safety and user experience.

3.Best Cooling Performance

The cooling system directly determines the life of high-power LED flood lights. A good radiator shall be made of high pure aluminum, and the higher the thermal conductivity is as high as 300 W/mk, the higher the conductivity is. The heat conductivity of die-cast aluminum is only 80 W/mk. It is our advantage to choose best high pure materials, but the heat dissipation is also determined by the design of cooling structure. This is very important. If the temperature is very high, it will lead the light decay of the LED chips badly. We adopt four – dimensional ventilation design, the cooling area is the largest in the industry , heat sink is thin and light, zero gap connection, rapidly transfer the heat out. So that the lifespan of our lights can reach to 80,000.00 Hours.

If you still have questions about what to choose for your race track lighting arena, ask an expert or give us a call toll free at and we will try to find an answer to your question. Please send email to [email protected], or call us +86 0755 3653 5970.

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