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LED Airport Apron Lighting

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply Meanwell Series
  • Supply Voltage 90-305V AC 50/60Hz
  • System Power 100W-2000W
  • Beam Angle 15/30/60/40*80/90*135
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Apron lighting is the important part of modern airports. A good apron lighting considerably facilitates the apron maneuverings for aircraft pilots. It also increased safety and speed of maneuverings, the quality of maintenance by comfortable vision conditions for attending personnel. Compared with ordinary industrial lighting, airport apron lighting has higher standard due to the clarity of division of functions in large space.

As a professional manufacturer of Led airport apron lighting, Mecree can provide you complete apron lighting system, which can meet the standards of facility owners, users, and the environment.

1.Airport apron lighting standards

The primary functions of apron lighting are: 1)To assist the pilot to taxi his aircraft into and out of the final parking position; 2) To provide lighting suitable for embarkation and debarkation of passengers, loading and unloading cargo, refueling and performing other apron service function; 3) Maintain airport security.

So it is very important that we should pay highly attention to create a good apron lighting environment. Accoring to the airport apron lighting standard of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ), In order to maintain acceptable visibility conditions:

1)The average horizontal illumination on the apron should be not less than 20 lx (o.19 fc)

After getting the size of your apron field, Mecree will provide the apron lighting design for you to meet the demands.

Get your Free Dialux Simulation

If you need high mast pole, Mecree can offer you One-stop Service including Led lights and high mast pole supporting services, etc. Based on your lighting requirements, and combing the wind speed of your local place, to ensure the security of whole facilities, we will make the strict high mast design before confirm the spec of high mast for you.

2.Cases Study – High Mast Apron Lighting Project

1)Project details

Model: GL-SFL-400W MECREE LED Apron lighting
Power: 400W
Replace traditional MH light: 1000W
Color Temperature and CRI: When it comes to tennis court lighting, it is better to use 5000k, CRI80. If for stadium lights, so 5700k, CRI80+ is needed.Because there will always be fog day and then with strong light penetration in apron, it is better to use 4000-5000k, CRI80+, bring pilots better and clearly view.


Projected annual kWh saved: 1,874,720 kWh
Projected annual energy savings: $225,965
Projected annual maintenance savings: $23,910
Achieved 4.2 fc illuminance average on the apron
Payback: 2.0 years


The lighting retrofit project has had a positive impact on various aspects of our operations. The pilots are more comfortable walking around the plane for physical inspections, and baggage handlers, fueling operators and those managing the ground support equipment are all able to more accurately and effectively perform their jobs. Security around the planes and on the ramps have been significantly enhanced due to the doubled light levels reaching the tails of the planes.?Energy usage was reduced by at least 50% with the Led high mast apron lighting.

2)Key features of Mecree Led high mast lighting

GL-SFL-400W MECREE LED Apron lighting

1.400W LED illumination
2. 60,000-72,000 lumens
3. Smaller size, lighter weight
4. 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion material design.
5. With superior 4D cooling system provides multiple levels of protection
6. High output, light efficiency up to 180lm/w with advance optical technology.
7. IP67 weather-tight housing&system
8. Intelligent dimming system. 0-10V, 1-10V and DALI dimming models are available.

LED Apron Lighting 400w Specification

BEAM ANGLE 15/30/60  40*80/90*135
APPLICATION LED Apron lighting


CCT 2700-6500K (Option)
CRI 70+ 80+ 90+ (Option)
FLICKER No Flicker
DIMMING 0-10V/1-10V/DMX/DALI (Option)


DIMENSIONS L64.5*W43.2*H12.5CM
PAKAGE Wooden case

1)Anti-Glare cover

Uniform illuminance of the pavement and glare restriction are the major requirements. Mecree apron lighting is designed with Anti-glare cover, reducing the glare and controlling the lighting more precisely into the centre field.

3.Why Replace Metal Haide With Led Apron Lighting?

MECREE LED provide several advantages including excellent brightness, saving cost, and security environment for high power Led flood lights.

1)Energy saving

Replacing Metal Halide with Led lights, 400w Led can replace 1000w-1500w MH directly. After that, you will enjoy the instant benefit of saving electricity bill and running cost, because of?at least 65% energy saving and 10 times longer lifespan?than MH lamp, even the lights are operated nearly 24hrs each day.With the development of aviation technology, aircraft transport can be afford to.

2)Without Light Pollution

a. Less fixtures, much brighter

MECREE apron lighting come with precise optical system that direct the lights onto the designated areas to reduce light loss. That is why the quantities of Mecree Led apron lighting is much much fewer than MH lamp while can reach at least 3 times brighter.

b. Lighting up your field, not your neighbors’ yard.

3)Anti-Glare-Protect Pilots eyes

Actually, the application is not only for apron high mast light, but also hallways, parking lots, runway etc. To avoid the glare lighting that affect pilots , ground staff, or tower control members, Mecree R&D team designed and tested it since 10 years ago, and developed the advanced optical with secondary reflection successfully. With the lighting controlled into the centre field precisely, the uniformity and brightness are improved greatly.

Anti-Glare Protect Pilots eyes

4)Government supporting

Not only the led stadium lights but also the airport apron lighting are supported by local governments now, because of its more reliable & environmental protection& cost saving. Actually, replacing conventioanl Metal Hailides to Led apron lighting can save you around 1.5 million each year.
So Led apron lighting is becoming more and more popular.

5)Advanced heat sink

If the junction temperature of the apro lighting212℉(100℃), lights brightness will fall so quick,and lifespan also will be reduced. Mecree Led high mast lighting has advanced heat dissipation technology, junction temperature<149℉(65℃), heat energy is at least 10 times quicker than traditional lamp. So lifespan is guaranteed>80,000hours , if the lights working 5 hours per day, Mecree apron lighting can working for 43 years.

Advanced heat sink

6)Zero Maintenance cost

Unlike the Metal Halides need to maintain the ballast frequently, Mecree Led apron lighting can last for at least 43 years. Because of the advanced heat sink, ensuring the lifespan of our airport apron lights is at least 100,000hrs, equaling to 43 years if light up 8 hrs a day. So you don’t have to pay the cost to maintain.

Zero Maintenance cost


Mecree focus on Led high power lighting for over 10 years, we have full experiences and responsible for your entire project.

Be bright, Be safe, Be responsible, Be Mecree. If you want to know more details about how to light up your airport apron, please contact us at

What can MECREE do for you?

what can mecree do for you

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2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?
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4. What's your lux request?
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      Let's start design your lighting project.
      Please try to answer our following questions or call us.

      1. What kind of field you need to light up? Is a new court or need to replace the old lamps?

      2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?

      3. What's the size of your lighting field? How many poles? What's the height of your poles?

      4. What's your lux request?

      5. What's the quantity you need?

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