How much do stadium lights cost

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What’s the stadium lights cost?


Except from the bill of energy, most of us will wonder that how much do stadium lights cost. For a typical pitch, the total cost will be range from $45,000 to $115,000, which is depends on the quality of Led lights.

A 500w Led stadium light can be the range from 15kg to 20kg. For example, most of the international stadium will need to install about 50pcs 1000w each light pole, it will cause the problems of the structures would not be strong enough to bear such weight of lights, and hence will increase the reinforcement costly.


How expensive will be?


The cost of reinforcement will be up to 3 times the price of lights. Considering this, Mecree Led reduce the weight and size by rearrange the chips and other components to realize a suitable size rather than reduce some parts. We use USA CREE chip, the brightness and lifespan were increased to more than 30%.

When you choose the Led stadium lights without considering the weight and size, you would need to reinforce the lights pole or change the structure. The cost will up to 3 times price of the lights. Mecree led focus on stadium lighting project and our lights can be directly replace the old lights without any other changing.


Advanced lighting system reduced the cost of operating


Mecree Led use calculus optical lens, PC material, light transmittance>98%. No any flickering, low glare, low light decay<5% (In 5 years). That’s why less quantities of Mecree Led will reach the certain lux level and save about more than 75% of total energy costs.


How much does it cost to run stadium lights?

outdoor led stadium lights 1000w

The average installation cost will range from $791,25 to $2,433,75, which depends on the facilities of stadium. Take Mecree Led as an example. If reach to 600lux, it will need about 52pcs 2000w Metal Halide lamp. (While 26-28pcs Mecree 1000w is enough) If light up 8hrs a day, after 365 days, assuming that the electricity cost $0.23/Kwh,
The electricity bill of MH lamp:
The electricity bill of Mecree Led:
So it will save $69846.4-$18804.8=$51,041
The cost of purchasing lights in the first time:
Metal halide: $50*52pcs=$2,600 ( Lifespan is about 1 year if light up 8hrs a day)
Mecree Led lights: $735*28pcs=$20,580 (Lifespan at least 20 years if light up 8hrs a day)
The First year: The cost saving: $51041.6-($20580-$2600)=$33,061
The Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth year: The cost saving: At least $51,041each year.
A stadium worth of Average $79,125, so more than the half of the cost can be saved each year.

In order to make it easier for you to understand the headache data, the following analysis will focus on the classic case of a high school stadium. Generally speaking, the electricity bill of an entire project is the easiest to calculate. The high school football stadium lights (standard size 105m x 70m) is relatively lower than professional games, it only needs about 300 to 400lux lighting requirements. Originally, the area used metal halide lamps, which required a total power of 72,000w. After replacing with IP65/IP66 LED lights, due to its better energy efficiency, only about 22,500w can provide the same Brightness to illuminate the playing field and audience seats. It is understood that the average electricity bill in the United States is $ 0.15 kW / hour. That is, the operating costs of sports lighting is about 22,500 * 0.15 / 1000 = $ 2.7 / hour (led light) and 72,000 * 0.15 / 1000 = $ 10.8 / hour (MH light). If they work 8 hours a day and 20 days a month, the daily cost is $ 21.6 and $ 86.4, and the monthly cost is $ 432 and $ 1728. If replaced with led flood lights, we could immediately save 1728-432 = $ 1296 in energy fees per month. No wonder the electrical system manager said that its operating fee is far below some people’s expectations. Lighting a football field costs about $ 100 a night.

We may wonder the cost of Led lights for stadium before and after purchasing. Before we buy it, we may wish the lowest cost for sports lighting system; However, after finish the installation, we will have to pay attention to the running cost of the soccer stadium lighting, such as the maintenance cost and electricity bill. Actually, the price of Led lights may a little bit expensive at first, while the electricity bill is about $5-$10 per hours. Plus the quantities of Mecree Led lamp with be less, the lifespan will be longer than traditional lamp, let alone how much will the stadium lights saving.




Mecree Led is the experienced manufacturer of Led sports lighting who offers 100-5000w stadium lamps. We supported many international lighting project such as FIFA World Cup. If you are wondering that how much soccer field lighting cost, please send us email at, more details about sports field lighting project, please click here.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


New LED Sports Lighting Solution Provider




Our precisely engineered optics of polarized light aim light directly onto the field of play, to shine uniformly and to minimize glare. Outdoor venues benefit from spill light control, no more skyglow and no more complaints from the neighbors.


1. Such light shield is useless,just misleading customers.
2. As tested it will cause 30% reduction of light output
3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




The power supply and lamp body can be mounted separately, reducing the withstand weight of the lamp pole and facilitating maintenance.



Customized crossarms are available to meet all your existing old poles without replacing the main rod, crossarms bolt directly to light pole, easy and accurate installation saves time, ensures performance, safety and reliability,also lower the budget.

What can MECREE do for you?

We are not only a manufacturer of high-power LEDs, More professional services are also included:
Provide the most suitable solution through light simulation calculation. Design of Lighthouse, parameters required for building foundation, (axial force, shear force, bending force). High power generator set supporting,circuit design service,cable supply. We are your best supply chain manager! One stop service for you! Of course, lighting solutions for other fields are also included. Save you time,unnecessary costs and greater benefits.

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