MECREE LED Lighting Solutions for Little League Baseball Fields

19 Published by admin 03 23,2020

Understanding Lighting Requirements for Little League Fields

Before purchasing lighting for a Little League baseball field, those in charge of field design or maintenance need to understand size requirements. Little League fields have specific dimensions, which ensures that every field has the same play experience. This also dictates how much lighting is needed. In a Little League field, the requirements vary depending on the level of broadcasting required.

A higher footcandle level on the infield is due to the fact that most game play takes place in this area. The maximum-to-minimum ratio is figured as the average between the maximum amount of horizontal footcandles and the minimum amount on the same surface. This figure determines if the field has hot spots, shadow, or glare that could reduce visibility for players. A max/min ratio of 2 indicates even lighting without hot spots or shadows.

How MECREE LED Luminaires Help

MECREE LED Luminaires help achieve these requirements and without excessive energy expenditure. These Luminaires have a wide beam angle, and when installed on high mast lights in sporting fields, they can spread light across a large portion of the field. They are also glare-free lights, helping achieve those important Max/Min ratios. Finally, they operate extremely efficiently while delivering a high color rendering index (CRI > 85), so players can see clearly on the field while spectators enjoy reduced visual fatigue while cheering on their youngsters. In fact, the true color representation and brightness of MECREE LED Luminaires can imitate playing in natural daylight, even when Little League teams haven night games.


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Not only that, but MECREE LED Luminaires also reduce energy expenses. These are as much as 65 percent more efficient than other lighting options, and have technology built in to reduce heat and extend the lifespan of the luminaire. This means less time and effort spent replacing bulbs and lower energy costs each month.

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