How MECREE LED Lighting Can Impact A Basketball Player’s Performance

24 Published by admin 03 23,2020

Too Much Glare Can Blind Players

Basketball is a fast-paced game, and players need to know where the ball, their teammates and their opponents are always. Some types of lights and even light fixtures can create glare that blinds the players in certain areas of the floor, which prohibits performance. Adding parabolic reflectors to lighting or using lighting designed to be glare-free can help reduce this risk by diffusing the light and keeping glare at a minimum.


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Similarly, lighting that is placed directly in the field of play, such as a fixture hanging directly over the hoop, even with diffusing technology, can create glare that makes play difficult. Instead, aim to put the main light source outside of the main playing area, so the light will spill onto the playing surface without creating too much glare.

Proper Illumination Improves Accuracy of Play

When a player is shooting the ball, being able to clearly see the basket and the backboard is essential. Clear visibility and proper color rendering are both important aspects to this. Lighting with cool undertones helps provide greater visibility and more realistic colors, so players can shoot with accuracy and make an increased number of shots. This can also improve the spectator experience, particularly if teams have jersey colors that are similar to one another.

As you consider adding better lighting to improve performance, consider MECREE LED products. Our luminaires have the highest color rendering index in their class, are bright lighting options and have technology built in to reduce glare. In addition, they will reduce expenses and maintenance efforts, because they are long-lasting, low-energy lighting solutions. Make the switch from traditional gym or court lighting to MECREE LED and give your players the gift of improved visibility that will lead to improved performance.

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