LED Lights for Beach Volleyball Courts

97 Published by admin 03 19,2020

Beach volleyball is quickly growing into not only a fun pastime for summer picnics, but also a highly competitive sport. When your facility has a beach volleyball court, you need to know that it is available whenever someone wants to play. The right lighting improves the function of your space and the enjoyment of those who use it, and LED lighting from MECREE LED is the superior choice for this endeavor.

Reduce the Risk of Damage from Sun, Sand and Water

When you light a sand volleyball court, chances are high that the lighting will be exposed to sand and sun. In many areas, water or a waterfront atmosphere is another risk. MECREE LED Luminaires are tried and tested in even the harshest environments, including marine environments. They have the proven ability to stand up under the worst conditions. Even exposure to kicked up sand or water in the air will not damage these luminaires. They have also been Salt Spray Tested, allowing the Luminaires not to rust over time.

Improve Visibility on the Court

When you choose LED lighting for your sand volleyball courts, you provide player and spectators with improved visibility. MECREE LED Luminaires provide lighting that is as close to natural sunlight as possible, with a high color rendering index that showcases colors as realistically as possible. This helps make the viewing experience more pleasant for fans.

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In addition. MECREE LED Luminaires are glare-free lighting, which allows players greater visibility and accuracy as they dive for the ball or spike it over the net. The proprietary design features a UGR<19, which creates no eye strain and minimal glare. This bright, natural looking light ensures safe and fun game play. They also boast a wide beam angle and even lighting throughout, which means you can light more of the court with fewer lights.

Allow Game Play After Dark with Reduced Energy Costs

When you light your beach volleyball court, you increase the amount of time that it is available for play. This improves the overall enjoyment of the space. Yet when you use other lighting options, leaving the lights on drives up your facility’s operating costs. MECREE LED Luminaires use far less energy to deliver the same level of light. You can keep your beach volleyball courts lit well after dark, without a huge impact on your overall operating expenses.

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Not only that, but MECREE LED Luminaires last much longer than their counterparts. These can be used for many years without failure, and the unique heat reducing technology helps protect the luminaires from one of the more common problems with LED lighting – heat damage. This combination of a long-expected life span and advanced heat protection technology makes these some of the longest lasting lights in the field.

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