2020 MECREE LED Marine Lighting Solution

123 Published by admin 03 19,2020

LED Luminaires Designed for Marine Applications

Water and salt are some of the most corrosive elements out there, particularly to lighting. In marine environments, finding efficient, reliable lighting that can withstand the constant presence of water and salt is not easy. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires provide an effective, reliable and long-lasting solution that delivers comfortable light efficiently both on board ship and along the shore.

Tried and Tested Marine LED Luminaires

The marine environment is hard on lighting solutions. The continual exposure to moist, salt air can lead to premature failure of even the toughest lights. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires offer a proven, tested solution to this common problem.

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MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires have undergone stringent salt spray and corrosive testing in marine environments, and have proven to provide reliable, effective lightning even with ongoing exposure to salt spray and salty sea air. This means that you can confidently use these luminaires in any marine environment, whether on ship or on shore, and expect them to last for a long time.

Exceptional Light Quality for Marine Applications

In addition to being a rugged light tested and proven for marine applications, MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires are designed to provide high quality light output. This means making the switch to MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaries will help you provide a higher level of visibility at your dock or on board your ship.

These luminaires offer glare-free illumination as well as a color rendering index of greater than 85. This combination means bright, properly colored lighting without the dangers created by glare, which is particularity more noticeable in maritime applications where water is always present. In other words, MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires help people see more clearly with greater visual comfort, even after dark.

Modular Functionality to Ensure the Right Fit

MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires offer a variety of beam angles and light distribution and have the ability to adapt to different environments using a system of field changeable lenses and drivers. This means you can easily adapt your luminaires to fit your exact needs, and a quick connect/disconnect system makes it simple to make these changes on board ship or on the dock.

With reliability, the efficiency of LED technology and the flexibility of a modular design functionality, MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires are the logical choice for maritime industries. Find the right MECREE LED product for your needs today.

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