Soccer Field Lighting Requirements

116 Published by admin 03 19,2020

Before opening a soccer field for nighttime games, you must ensure that it is properly lit. The amount of light you need depends on the type of play, whether or not spectators are watching, and how big the field is. On a standard 180 ft x 330-ft field, without spectators, you will need at least 30 footcandles of horizontal target illumination. If you’re lighting a professional level stadium, you’ll need a minimum of 75 footcandles. Adding spectators or larger field sizes increases the need.

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In addition to having enough lighting, you need to install it in the right place and using the right mounting hardware. The US Soccer Foundation requirements galvanized steel for both the poles and mounting assemblies. Place all poles a minimum of 20 feet from the sidelines, so players are at lower risk for injury. Mount the lights high enough to minimize glare and reduce light spillage off of the field itself.

Finally, consider the quality of the light. In nighttime sports, like soccer, two factors are important. First is glare. Glare on the field makes it hard for players to play well and can prevent spectators from enjoying the game fully. Look for a lighting option that reduces glare.

Second, the presentation of colors is important. Most light has a color, and the color cast can make it difficult to see uniforms and players accurately. Choose lighting that renders colors close to that of natural sunlight and ensure team colors are shown properly.

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Longevity and Durability Are Important for Soccer Field Lighting

For the professionals in charge of maintaining soccer fields, the longevity of the lights they choose is another important consideration. The longer a light lasts, the less time is spent replacing lamps or bulbs. Since soccer field lighting is often mounted on a high pole, replacing bulbs is a time consuming and labor-intensive process. Thus, lighting that lasts a long time and is resistant to impact, weather, and dust-related damage is important.

MECREE LED Luminaires for Soccer Field Lighting

MECREE LED Luminaires feature the right technology to adequately light soccer fields. These LED Luminaires are some of the most efficient lighting options available, and they last for years without need for replacement. When you do need to replace one, the Quick Connect/Disconnect System combined with Field Changeable Lenses and Drivers makes the process as simple as possible.

The MECREE LED Luminaires feature excellent color rendering, so fans and players see colors as they are meant to be seen. These luminaires boast the highest color rendering index in their class with a CRI> 85. They’re also a glare-free light, with a URG<19. This combination improves visibility for both players and spectators.

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