How many lights do you need to light a football field?

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The lighting of the football field is divided into the lighting in the field and the lighting outside the field. The way of installing lights is different in different fields. It is based on the function of the football field to determine the lighting standard, which is roughly divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, large international competition HD TV broadcast 1400lx, TV emergency Of 750lx.

When looking to install football field lighting, it is best to consult with an electrician and local municipal outdoor lighting codes. the US Soccer Foundation also is prime resource to offer recommendations for soccer field lighting for optimal illumination.

Lighting needs vary depending upon the size of the field and the number of spectators. For example, a field 180′ x 330’designed for nighttime competition without spectators requires a minimum of 30 footcandles of horizontal target illumination continuously, while a professional stadium needs at least 75 footcandles. One footcandle is equal to one lumen spread over one square foot to show the quantity of the light being put out from the soccer field lighting. Usually, for a standard training and entertainment football field, size is about 100*60m, it need install 24-28pcs 1000W stadium lights, around 200 or 300 lux. For amateur competition field, 170*90m with runway, need install around 112pcs 1000W sports lights, 500 lux. For large international competition with HD TV broadcast, such as National Bava Football Stadium in Papua New Guinea, 110*68m, need install around 208pcs 1000W led stadium lights, 1700lux.

Soccer field lighting needs to be mounted properly on poles. The US Soccer Foundation recommends always using galvanized steel poles and mounting assemblies. To mount just two fixtures on a metal pole requires a light angle iron cross arm for metal poles. This is for use with the all the soccer field lighting fixtures sold. There are also options for 3 and 4 lights for either metal or wooden poles. The poles should be placed at least 20 feet from the sideline and outside of fences to avoid injury. The lights should be mounted at a height to minimize glare for the spectators and spillage outside the soccer field. By reducing the amount of light that spills over, nearby neighbor complaints will be reduced, and electricity will be saved as the lighting will function more efficiently. The ballasts and electrical equipment should be in aluminum enclosures at least 10 feet above the ground, there should be a safety disconnect for each. Check the US Soccer Foundation’s recommendations for soccer field lighting and a licensed electrician for further information on connections and mounting of the lighting.

The position of the lamp can be installed on the edge of the ceiling of the stand. the number and power of the lamps are determined according to the different lighting requirements of different stadiums; the general stadium lights are listed below. High pole lighting method:

1. The light poles are installed at the four corners of the court

Distribute lights evenly according to the court, and distribute the lights to the four corners of the court; install 4 sets of lights, and each set of high pole lights will install a different number of lamps as needed.

2. 6 groups of lights around the stadium

Each of the 6 sets of light poles is equipped with several high-power LED lamps (according to the stadium illumination requirements).

3. Evenly distribute the lights around (the lights are well matched), according to 8 groups of lights

In summary, it is the common ways of laying lights in outdoor pole-type football fields at currently . Among them, the four-corner lamp and six groups of lamp poles are used more. The height of the light pole is setting according to the size of the stadium. Generally, the light pole of the five-person and seven-person stadium can be controlled between 10-15 meters (considering the cost factor). The pole of the 11-a-side stadium needs to be at least 20 meters, and the conventional one is generally between 25-30 meters. If it is a standard stadium with a runway outside the stadium, the height can be increased to 35 meters or 40 meters if possible.

Light poles and distribute lighting methods are an aspect of stadium lighting. The focus is on the requirements of lamps. Ordinary floodlights and floodlights cannot be used. In general, football stadium lamps require light distribution, and all require a certain angle of light. And cut-off angle requirements (adjusted according to the specific stadium light distribution needs), but also have anti-glare devices. In addition, the stability of the lamps should also be very reliable. After all, the stadium poles are high, and repair and maintenance will be cumbersome. If it is a lifting pole, it needs professional operation to avoid accidents.
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