2020 Guide – What is the floodlight considerations of cricket field?

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13 Key Points for considerations of cricket field lighting– 2020 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The massive market of led cricket field lighting

Cricket is a sport that has been tracked back to the early 16th century and has been a popular ever since. The pinnacle of the international game comes in the form of the Cricket World Cup. Other major events include the T20 World Cup, Test Series and One Day series. Each country runs a host of domestic competitions all highly competitive.

Now more and more countries are committed to the development of cricket stadiums, there will be a potential and huge market for LED lighting. MECREE is committed to high-quality stadium LED lamps, one-stop service, to provide a perfect solution for each stadium. Now we will introduce some floodlights considerations and some project budget elements. 13 Key Points for considerations of cricket field lighting– 2020 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews.


1. Cricket Lighting compliance

Calculation and measurements for the floodlighting installation shall be to a defined grid. Selection of a suitable measurement grid is considered in AS 2560.1, European Standard
EN12193 and IESANZ LG 4.01.

For calculations the grid is 5m x 5m with a 2m x 2m grid in the square.

2. Cricket field Lighting design

To guarantee a quality sports lighting installation for cricket, and to ensure local site and usage conditions are considered, a lighting design and installation specification should be developed in conjunction with a sports lighting design specialist. MECREE professional engineer teams will provide the best solution for your cricket field.


The following is a summary of the cost elements that will typically arise in a cricket lighting project.

3. Cricket Court Floodlights supply

Supply costs should include floodlight, lamp, site delivery and a suitable warranty.

4. Cricket Field Floodlights installation

Installation costs should include the labour to take delivery, operationally check, check the beam distribution is correctly set and mount the floodlight onto the pole, or more usually a pole cross arm.

5. Pole supply

Pole supply involves the provision of a suitable pole of the correct height and duty to carry the quantity of floodlights proposed. The pole supply should include supply and freight to site and offloading at suitable positions close to the point of erection at site. Check the requirements for foundation cages and ragbolts assemblies required to be cast into the foundations. Depending on the foundation design these will be either by the pole supplier or part of the civil works construction of the pole foundations.

6. Pole installation

Installation costs should include assembly of the light poles at site. Note rigid steel poles usually come delivered in sections that require site assembly to the manufacturer’s instructions. Obtain specific installation instructions for any poles proposed with a lowering headframe or facilities for personal access and ensure inclusion for all correct installation measures.

7. Cricket field Foundations

Concrete pole foundations are usually required, suitably designed by a professional structural engineer. The type of foundation will be determined based on the site conditions disclosed by the Geotechnical report. Common types include concrete bored piers and raft footings. Certification of the structural design and provision of building permits should also be allowed under this element.

8. Lifting / Cranage

Pole installation, aiming of floodlights and subsequent maintenance will usually involve high lift access machinery. Equipment such as crane trucks involves considering access both for the initial installation and subsequent maintenance.

Plan locations that do not entail access over the playing surface wherever possible to prevent oval damage, particularly during wet weather periods, as the vehicle weights are substantial.

9. Power supply of LED cricket court lighting

Electrical power consumption for floodlights is significant and is often much more than the clubroom and change facilities. Therefore plan for the anticipated installed load and make early application for any required power supply upgrades as this will likely take time to implement.

By way of example a Class III venue on an oval equal to a full size AFL oval may typically require 52 floodlights x 2Kw = 104 Kw which is a substantial load. Class II and Class I venues will be higher.

The power supply may entail having an electricity substation dedicated to the site or installed within the street which abuts the site. Works also include the liaison with the electricity distribution business to obtain site power supply connection.

MECREE LED Stadium lights use less to produce so much more on your cricket field.

10. Cricket Floodlighting distribution boards

The electrical installation design will need to make provision for the Electrical Distribution Boards required to supply the new floodlights. This will usually be via a dedicated switchboard devoted to the floodlighting installation and may likely house the lighting controls where such controls are not remotely located in the field at each floodlight pole.

11. Cricket field Lighting switching controls

Thought should be given to the methods of controls and the separate user groups that will be given access to the floodlight installation. Control may be via simple manual key switch controls or via keypad / touch screen type networked lighting controls. In addition remote access to turn floodlights on and off and to monitor the status of the floodlights on or off may be desired either now or in the future.

12. Cabling

Electrical cabling is required between the point of power supply to the floodlighting distribution board(s) and thence to each sports floodlighting pole.

The cabling arrangement will be devised to suit the switching flexibility required. Therefore it is important to either specify or agree with the designer the levels of switching flexibility required and whether only certain poles are required to operate under certain modes of operation.

13. Lightning protection

Design to ensure lightning is safely conveyed to earth per AS 1768 requirements.

Cricket Ground Lighting Questions & Answers

1. What is cricket stadium class designations?

  • Class I – Facility with over 5,000 spectator capacity
  • Class II – Facility with under 5,000 spectator capacity
  • Class III – Facility with some spectator capacity
  • Class IV – Facility with no spectator capacity

2. What is Lux Level & Brightness Requirement for cricket field lighting?

For most of practice and Non-televised Matches cricket stadiums, we need about 250 to 350 lux, which is sufficient for players to have mild competition among the team members. The professional matches require 500 to 750 lux. The brightness is higher because the movement is more intense. High-intensity lighting can stimulate the vitality of cricket players, thereby improving their performance. For the cricket stadium holding international broadcasting competitions, it requires the highest standard of about 1500 to 2500 lux. Because it provides clearer environment for taking photo and video shooting.

3. What is lighting overview?

Horizontal illuminance – a measure of the lumens per unit area on a horizontal surface. Normally it is measured three feet above the playing surface.

Uniformity illuminance – a measure of the rate of change of illuminance expressed as a ratio between the illuminance level of adjacent measuring points on a uniform grid. The limit of uniformity varies with the speed of the ball.

LUX – a measure of illuminance weighted to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. It is defined as 1 lux = 1 lumen/square meter.

FC – foot-candle. The official definition is 1 foot-candle = 10.764 lux; however, it is easiest to approximate at 1 foot-candle = 10 lux.

4. What is main consideration for led cricket ground stadium?

  • Lighting criteria are different for high school, college, and recreational play.
  • Cricket stadium lighting considerations include:proper orientations, locations, illuminance and controls that satisfy needs for any type of contingency
  • Number of poles based on the width of the sideline
  • Quality of cutoff or spill light control

MECREE provide one-stop service with solution of LED stadium floodlights, cable, power distribution cabinet and mast. If you would like to get more info about cricket stadium lighting, please feel free to contact MECREE at email . We are looking forward to your inquiry.
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