LED Baseball Field Lights

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Proper illuminance and light direction are critical in baseball parks. The baseball may travel at over 130 miles per hour many times over the course of a game. Make sure that your ball field is evenly lit for maximum visibility in both the infield and the outfield. And even more importantly, make sure that there is no direct glare from your light sources as you don’t want your team to drop the game-winning out.

Type of lights

There are different types of lights for a baseball diamond. HPS floodlights, metal halide or halogen kinds are cheap to purchase. LED baseball lights are more expensive than all of them. At first, you will have a totally different idea about the lights. In your mind when you get the cheap ones you will feel great. You will have saved a lot of money. However, you will be disappointed in the end.
An example is that halogen of 500 watts cost $30 to $70. LED baseball lights with 500 watts are priced at $400 to $600. The field requires 10 halogen lights which are 500 watts each to be on par with one LED baseball light. Halogen lights have to be replaced every now and then which is costly. They lose brightness within a short span, maybe 6month, or a year will need maintaince. Also the electricity is more than twice than LED. LED Baseball lights are more durable, long lifespan >50,000hrs. Hence, LED is the best to buy. Even though you will pay dearly, you will have stable lights for a long time 5-10years.
800W LED Replaced MH2000W.

How to Save the Money

It is crucial to know how to slash the expenses down. You can have a pocket-friendly lighting system that lasts long. Here are tips on how to get a reasonably priced lighting for your field.

1. Consider highly efficient lighting

First, buy the energy efficient lights. For this reason, LED Baseball lights will be the best choice. You will save a whole $500 a month as compared to metal halide lights. LED conserve up to 80% of the energy. You will pay low bills. LED Baseball lights also come with sensors. This means that when the lights are not needed, they can be turned off.

2. Proper installation

Pointing the baseball lights in the right direction is also important. It saves money and time. Installation can be quite tricky depending on the field design. The installers should have a proper way of placing the lights. This will include lights that do not glare. When lights are not properly installed, a lot is wasted. They get lost and do not reach the intended target. Well installed lights serve the purpose of illuminating the field. Even distribution is paramount at all times.

3. Purchase lights that are sturdy

LED Baseball Field Lights that are long-lasting are economical. You don’t have to buy them after a short time. LED baseball lights will give you a great service for a number of years. Buying the halogen types will mean that you have to replace them regularly.


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