LED Fishing Boat Lighting

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Led flood lights used on fishing boat not only assist of navigation, but increase the harvest in each time of sailing. Mecree Led offers high-quality and durable LED fishing boat lighting, safety is very important for your crew, bright lighting help the fishermen or captains see the approaching ships or any obstacle in advance, even in foggy days.
By installing green led fishing boast lighting, we can increase the harvest because of most of the the fishers are very sensitive to this color and then they will swim toward your boat.

Mecree Led produces color-changing lights (RGB or RGBW), which is a good choice for emitting whatever colors you need. Let’s explore the advantages of Led shipping boat lighting.

Lighting design for Fishing Boat

1. Lux level
Based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, all shippers should use the reasonable and practical ways to prevent collision. Except knowing the speed limitation, we need to have the lights such as red and green sidelight, high mast lights, all around lights etc.
To light up the surface of sea, it will need 150-350lux because of the brighting lights help to identify the size and shape of vessels. If for fishing, it will need at least 200 lx green lights.
According to your requirements, we offer different Led shipping boat designing for commercial, recreational and artisanal fishing.
The sea contains high salt and other electrolytes content, the led shipping boat lighting should have at least IP66 waterproof ability. Mecree Led has passed waterproof testing and makes sure it even can be used in huge sea wave.
3. Rgb lights increase harvest
Special colored lights will help attract more fishes, especially for the green lights. The submersible green light. Mecree led has advanced optical technology, which makes sure more lighting reflect into the sea, and improve the uniformity of illumination. Therefore, the fishes will swim toward to you.

Advantages of replacing MH/HPS/Halogen lamp

1.Saving more running cost
Because of the higher light efficiency 150lm/w of Mecree Led, our 400 watt Led lights can replace 800 watts MH lamps or 4000 watt HPS lamp.
Because of the size of vessels and the required lighting distance, the cost of fishing boat lighting can be up to about $3000 to $6500 (medium size)or $5500 to $10500 (large size). Maybe the price of traditional lamp will be more cheaper but lighting solution, but after replacement Led lights, you will save a lot of energy and then the running cost in long term.
For example, if you use 400 watt LED lights, the running cost of the lighting would be 400W x 8 hours x $0.12 /1000 = $0.384 (Each day), and $11.52(Each month). If you use halogen lights, 4000 watt (it will be 10 times higher than LED) to emit the same brightness, and then the running cost of halogen would be $3.84 (daily), $115.2 (monthly), which will cause a significant effect on your final income.
Please feel free to contact us to get the quotation and lighting designing.

2.Saving maintenance cost
Mecree Led is aluminum housing with corrosion and impact resistant. Unlike the traditional lamp, we don’t have the delicate filament and brittle material, hence our lights are high durability to survive in the harsh situations, such as heavy rain, mass ware, strong wind in the sea. Plus our lights lifespan>80000hrs, which will be 8-10 times longer.
Therefore, there is no necessary for you to change or replace it frequently, which save a lot of maintenance cost.
Our led lighting solution offers a flexible system on fishing boat or any other area. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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