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People were asked whether is the cheers and shouting that affected them mostly when in football games? Almost 99% answered that it is the lighting. Because some stadium lights in football stadium is too bright that affect athletes eyes, some football field lights is too dark that affect players’ playing. Therefore, we find that it is very important to replace or upgrade the football stadium lights.

Most people will say how much will it cost to replace new football stadium lights? How to find the best & lowest cost for stadium lamps? Maybe you will say that I don’t have stadium, should I read it? If you love sports, you couldn’t miss it.

How Much Do Football Stadium Lights Cost

Section 1: Cost combination of football stadium lighting

The football floodlights is a very important part of the football stadium. You should know the cost combination of football stadium lighting before you buy. It includes 4 parts:

Football field lights cost, Electricity cost, Installation Cost of Football Field Lights (flood light installation cost), and maintenance cost.

1)How much do high school football stadium lights cost? How much do stadium lights cost to run? How much are stadium lights?

How much do football field lights cost? Taking a typical high school stadium as an example, the total stadium lights cost is between $18,000 and $300,000, but this is an estimate. The football field lights cost depends not only on the lights brand and quality, but also the lighting level and the types of sports, the lights prices cannot be unified.

a . Checking how many watts will be needed?

To get the football stadium lights cost, we need to calculate the number and wattage of football floodlights. Using the dialux to simulate a typic high school football stadium, the size is about 100*60m, and 4pcs 20m high mast poles, so around 20pcs LED 1000w will be needed to reach 300lx (Training and entertainment football field lighting standard). Each pole was installed 5pcs stadium lamps, shown as below.

Actually, 20pcs LED 2000w football stadium lights can replace 40pcs MH 2000w directly.

football stadium lighting design

b . Calculating the football field lights cost

How much does it cost to run football floodlights? The average price of 1000 watt LED flood lights in the lighting market is around $700. It can replace the 2000w Metal Halide lamp, we will find that traditional 2000w MH lamp 2000w is around $50.

The LED stadium lamps is much cheaper than MH lamp, why do more than 80% of buyers still choose the metal halide replacement with LED stadium lights ? Because we couldn’t judge the soccer filed lighting cost based on single lights, Let’s explore more as below:

2) How much electricity does a football stadium use? What is the electricity bill of football stadium lights?

At present, most people attach great importance to energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, The electricity bills of football stadium floodlights are always the most important cost issues for football stadiums.

Still taking the typical high school pitch as an example, (20pcs LED 2000w football stadium lights can replace 40pcs MH 2000w ). If they work 8 hrs a day and 30 days a month, the average electricity cost in the USA is about $0.12 kW/hour, so the electric bill for stadiums are:

Type of Lights LED stadium high school flood light Metal Halide Football Stadium Lights


20,000 (20*1000w=20,000w)  80,000 (40*2000w=80,000w)

( KW/H)

0.12   0.12
Electricity Bill/Day






Electricity Bill/Month






Electricity Bill/Year






Electricity Saved with Led lights (USD)  $20,736



You will find that LED lights can save you $20,736 electricity costs every year! If for a $30,000 football field, it equals nearly 70% of the stadium cost.

There are three major stadiums:

MetLife Stadium, M&T Bank Stadium, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium,  each stadium is 75% more energy efficient and reduced its electricity bill by 5 million kilowatt-hours from 2012-2020—equivalent to the energy used for heating 440 homes for whole year, around 900,000US dollars were saved each stadium per year.

Energy saving is only a small part of it, how to save it in another part in installation and maintenance of football pitch floodlights cost?

3)What is the installation cost of soccer stadium lights?

a. Installation cost of football field lights

The average installation cost of the indoor arena ranges from US$70,000 to US$79,134, and the average cost of the outdoor stadium ranges from US$79,134 to US$245,817. The price is not fixed, it also depends on the football stadium lighting standard.

b. Reinforcement cost of high mast light pole

Maybe you will ask that why do we also need to consider the cost of the reinforcement of high mast pole reinforcement? Actually, it occupies a large part of the football stadium lights cost.

For example, we will see that there are nearly 120pcs Metal Halide lamp installed on each pole, with an average weight of 30kg per lamp, each pole needs to bear 3600kg. So it will cost more to reinforce the light pole. Otherwise the light pole is likely to fall down during the football game, how dangerous it will be!

high mast lights pole accident

However, if it is replaced with a Led soccer field lights, only about 50pcs lamps can replace 120pcs MH lamp, greatly reduces the load bearing capacity of the high mast pole, you don’t need to worry about the additional cost of the lamp pole reinforcement.

4)How much will cost you to maintain?

Because metal halide football field lamps need frequent maintenance, the cost is very high. While the football LED stadium lights cost is expensive than traditional lamps, plus the maintenance costs, so many people may won’t change to LED floodlight.

In fact, with the technological development of LED chips, the lifespan of high quality led lights can ensure that the brightness is almost the same even after 10 years.

Lifespan between LED football stadium lights and MH lamp:

If operating for 8 hours a day, the lifespan the LED football field lights can last least 28 years, and ensure the brightness nearly the same! While MH lamp is less than two years, what’s more, the brightness will be reduced by more than half during two years.

Although the LED stadium lights price is a little bit more expensive than metal halides, the life of LED sports lights has increased by 10 times and the brightness has increased by 2 times, the replacement and maintain costs are Zero, but you have to spend huge costs in replacing MH lamp every year.

Will you still think that LED stadium lights expensive than Metal Halides?

Notice: According to feedback from many users, there are many Led lamps not as good as the traditional lamps of some big brands? It is not difficult to understand here, because non-professional high-power LED lamps have a huge light attenuation within 10000hrs, and market feedback proves that they are not as good as the Traditional lamp. So before you pay attention to and buy stadium floodlights, you must understand the basic 5 influencing factors.

How Much Do Football Stadium Lights Cost

Section 2: Why the main trend is to the metal halide replacement with LED stadium lights ?

1)Reduce the aloft work when the stadium lights maintenance

According to market feedback, we collected the headache problem about metal halide:

Football stadium light poles are generally 30-40m or higher, many light poles is without lifting and maintenance platform. While traditional MH sports lighting requires high-frequency maintenance or replacement, when you repair it, you need the crane to put the light pole down on the ground. We all know that it is costly and difficult to hire a crane abroad, and the fall of the light pole will also cause great damage to the football stadium.

How Much Do stadium light pole cost?

The average stadium light pole cost ranges from $50,000 to $500,000, not including installation, the installation cost depends on the city.

35m high mast pole light football stadium

The professional LED sports lighting has at least 28 years lifespan, no maintenance and replacement cost, let alone the labor costs. Which also guarantees the safety of workers and the stadium.

Therefore, LED football stadium lighting is becoming the global trend.

2)Spend what you really need to spend

According to the cost combination of stadium lamps, it is not difficult to find that we should not only consider the purchase cost, but the superposition of a series of costs during the entire football stadim project. LED light for football field can save 75% than traditional lamps. And greatly increase the safety and firmness of your use.

3)No carcinogens, safe and environmentally friendly

After the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to their health. LED football floodlights are not like MH lamp that contain toxic and carcinogenic substances such as lead and mercury. Besides, LED flood lights is anti-UV, safe and environmentally friendly.

4)Protect your and neighbors’ eyes

The advanced optical design of Led soccer field lights improve the utilization of light by 98%, without light pollution, and also reduces glare. Preventing the lighting pollution enter your neighbor’s yard, protect your eyes.

Tip: If you are tired, please adjust the brightness of the phone to relax your eyes.

football stadium light control technology

Section 3: 4 tips for identifying LED sports lighting manufacturer

4)Identify the supplier’s business license

Check the supplier’s business license on

Enter the Chinese name of the company or the social unified credit code. If it can be found and is consistent with the content on the business license, it means that the company really exists.

How Much Do Football Stadium Lights Cost

3)Check the supplier’s project qualification

supplier's project football stadium lights

You can go to their website to see whether they have done any international football stadium LED lighting project, can know whether he has the qualification to meet the project standards. If you are close to the project location, you can go to the site to check their actual results.

2) Quality inspection standards

Although quality inspection is more complicated and responsible, it is the most important step to ensure product quality. Otherwise, you will lose the public trust.

a. The supplier must conduct a preliminary inspection of the quantity and quality of raw materials
b. IPQC and QC are responsible for a series of tests after production to ensure that there is no failure rate in the finished product
c. Test before packaging, there is a written test report. Which is ensure meeting your order requirements.

football stadium lights Quality inspection standards

1) Prevent suppliers from being blacklisted- Intellectual property

Every buyer only pays attention to price and quality, but most people will ignore it which will cause huge losses of your business- Intellectual Property.

For example, Company “A” infringes Company “B” products, while you buy it from company “A”. Once the goods arrive at the customs, company “A”will be reported by company “B”, and will be blacklisted by custom. While your goods will be all withheld or destroyed, facing with huge losses.

Checking whether the manufacturer has patent certificate and record it in advance at the customs office, to ensure that the product you buy must comply with laws and regulations, and it also can protect the price you sell in your market.

Prevent suppliers from being blacklisted- Intellectual property

Section 4: Three Recommended professional stadium lighting suppliers

Three are some famous manufacturer, they are specialized in the sports lighting industry, supporting the suitable lighting solutions and one–stop service combed with your requirements.

If you want to choose a very cost-effective LED sports lighting manufacturer, Mecree is the best choice no matter in project , or installation or in logistics and customs, Mecree have rich experiences to solve problems for you quickly.

Click here for more information about GL-SPL LED stadium lights.

floodlight football stadium led lights

Section 5: Conclusion

Led stadium lighting has become the mainstream trend of the times and an inevitable trend. Choosing a reliable supplier is the guarantee for meeting your project standards, establishing business reputation, and saving communication costs and a series of costs (time cost, communication cost, product cost, supply chain cost, product intellectual property risk cost).

To get the quotation of professional LED football stadium lights prices, please contact [email protected].

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


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3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




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