Four Major Design Innovations and Applications of High-power LED lamps

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Discussion on the Application of High-power LED Lamps in Sports Competition Lighting

In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps in commercial, industrial, road lighting applications are becoming more and more popular. In the field of sports competition lighting, due to the high degree of specialization and subdivision of the industry, a few international enterprises have introduced LED lamps for stadiums and gymnasiums, but because of the power is too small, projection distance and coverage is limited, has not yet formed the industry scale. LED lighting technology not only provides functions that metal halide light source does not have from energy-saving, installation and maintenance, but also from intelligent applications, lighting quality and other aspects. It has a broad application prospect in the field of lighting.

Now with the solution of key technical problems such as heat dissipation, light distribution and glare control, high-power LED lamps which can meet the requirements of large-scale lighting are in the mature stage of Chinese lighting market, and mature technical solutions and products have been put into the market. At the Guangzhou Asian Light Show, a Chinese-based company presented a comprehensive solution to the key technical problems of high-power LED sports lighting. Its original thinking in the field of technology provides more perspective and application space for industry colleagues.

First Innovation: solve the glare in a new way

MECREE developed the two light distribution design to solve the problem of waste of light to the greatest extent. Through the reflecting cup, the magnifier uniformly reflects the LED light source to eliminate the extreme bright spot, and then through the special optical glass lens to complete the final mixing treatment, so that the light is evenly projected, forming a uniform spot on the luminous surface, thereby reducing the glare of the lamps (Figure 2). Even if used for many years, the lens of the optical glass will not change color and cause glare to offset the light.

Second Innovation: High Performance Price Ratio

MECREE develops GL-SPL series 1000W LED sports lights for large-scale and long-distance projection lighting. The effective luminous flux of the whole lamp reaches 130,000 lumens of the leading level in the industry, and introduces four professional light distribution angles, such as 15/20/30/60. It can replace the same power halogen lamp with the ratio of 1:2, saving more than 60% energy, and reducing the consumption of distribution system and installation of auxiliary materials. The service life of GL-SPL series LED lamps is more than 80,000 hours. Compared with the metal halide lamps with an average life of only 3000-5000 hours, the maintenance frequency of lamps is greatly reduced and the maintenance cost is saved.

At the same time, heat dissipation technology is the core factor that determines the life and performance stability of high-power LED lamps. GL-SPL series is one of the most important research projects in the early stage of design. Through many rounds of design and repeated testing, the final solution is to add superconducting heat pipe to the radiator, and then to 360 degrees of all-round contact with air cooling, to ensure that the lamp chip in the rated design temperature long-term effective operation. Besides, the temperature of the lamp housing is controlled below the safe temperature that can be touched, which improves the safety of lamps and lanterns.

Third Innovation: High Quality Light Source

The unique superconducting heat dissipation design of MECREE GL-SPL led sport lighting makes them have better heat dissipation performance than conventional lamps. At the same time, the use of high-power West Railway LED chip, as well as its non-stroboscopic characteristics, can meet the requirements of 4K, 6K, 8K and high-definition television relay, greatly improving the audience’s on-site viewing experience and the quality of television relay. From the aspect of environmental safety, metal halide lamps will emit a large number of ultraviolet light, causing harm to human body, while LED lamps are more safe and environmental protection, will not produce any ultraviolet radiation, does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury used in metal halide lamps, to avoid environmental pollution, while almost no overflow, reduce light pollution to the environment.

Fourth Innovation: Intellectualization

Compared with the traditional metal halide lamp, the wide application of LED technology provides a broader and deeper application space for the realization of intelligent lighting control. The traditional control of metal halide lamps is to achieve various lighting scenes by grouping switches, which causes poor uniformity and inconvenience to the management of lamps. GL-SPL sports lamps can meet the needs of different lighting scenarios through intelligent dimming. In addition, if the venue unexpectedly power off and restore power supply, the traditional metal halide lamps need 30 minutes to restore lighting, and GL-SPL sports lights thermal start function torestore power supply immediately after 100% lighting effect, completely avoiding the problem of unexpected power off caused by long-term game interruption.

GL-SPL high-power LED lamps in the above areas of innovation is bound to make it in the stadium, airport, wharf, square, overpass, mining and any need for long-distance projection lighting occasions have a wide range of application prospects, is a major highlight in the field of professional large-site projection lighting technology!

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