What’s the best lighting arrangement for your basketball court project?

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MECREE supplies lighting for basketball court, the LED flood lighting for basketball court is of highest quality, equipped with premium anti-flickering and high CRI PV lens. Since lighting is for both players and spectators, we need to compromise their needs simultaneously. The strobe amplitude is around 0.3% of lumen output, which is negligible to naked eyes or high speed photography. Then better CRI means the audiences experience the real colors and comfortableness. The powerful engineering team of MECREE provides strong technical support for customers, such as lighting Dialux simulation , special products and other technical support.
outdoor basketball court lighting design
Basketball courts are divided into indoor and outdoor forms. The venue size and illumination requirements are the same. The standard size of the basketball court is 28m long and 15m wide. The buffer zone is generally 2m outside the edge line, 2m outside the bottom line, and 6m outside the international standard line. 5m outside the bottom line. There should be no obstacles within 7m above the venue.
outdoor basketball court led lighting

Standard of Basketball Court Lighting

indoor basketball court lighting design

Outdoor basketball court lighting method

The outdoor basketball court cloth light generally adopts the light pole cloth lighting method. It is commonly used in 4 poles, 6 poles and 8 poles. The installation height of the lamps is about 10-12M.

Outdoor basketball court lighting schematic diagram

Indoor basketball court lighting method

The indoor basketball court lighting is mainly equipped with direct lighting fixtures. The direct lighting layout gives full play to the performance, high efficiency and energy saving advantages of the sports lighting system. Indoor basketball court lighting methods are divided into the following types:
1. The top lights are placed above the site, and the beam is perpendicular to the layout of the site. The symmetrical lighting fixture is selected for the top arrangement, and the top lighting arrangement can be adopted for the training hall and the gymnasium for national fitness.
outdoor basketball lighting system

Area cloth light

The top-mounted lights can also be evenly arranged in groups, that is, several sets of lights are grouped together, and then several sets of lights are evenly arranged above the site.
outdoor basketball light fixtures

Group cloth light

2. Arranged on both sides, that is, the lights are arranged on both sides of the field, and the beam is not perpendicular to the layout of the site. Asymmetrical light distribution lights should be arranged on the horse track on both sides. When arranged on both sides, the aiming angle of the light (the angle between the aiming direction of the light and the vertical line) should not exceed 65°.
3. Mixed layout, that is, the combination of top and side arrangement. Mixed layout should be selected with a variety of light distribution form of lamps and lanterns, both top and side layout features.
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