What’s the standard of your badminton court?

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Glare, uncomfortable, lack of brightness, high temperature and so on, what’s the standard of your badminton court? What’s the light you should use? Based on the low cost, MECREE LED will offer the best suitable lighting solution for you.

1.The standard of the badminton court

outdoor badminton court lighting design

Single court: 13.4*5.1m Doubles court: 13.4*6.1m
According to the international competition standards, the height of the court should be at least 9m, there shall be no beams or other obstacles within this height. No obstructions within 2m of the course, entertainment and training level of the site can be properly reduced installation height.
MECREE LED equipped with anti-glare device, high efficiency cooling system, make your badminton court more comfortable and brighter.

2.Lighting characteristics of badminton court

badminton court lighting arrangement

The lighting of badminton court usually use 3 forms: Natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting. No matter what kind of method is used, athletes should be able to accurately judge the path, height and drop point of the ball. The stability of illumination, uniformity of distribution, coordination etc. This is important not only for the athletes to achieve outstanding results, but also for the accurate judgement of the referee and the appreciation of the audience.
Therefore, the selection of led lighting directly affects the quality and effect of your badminton court lighting.

3.The factors of affecting lighting quality for badminton field
(1) The lux level:
The vertical illumination usually is 1/2 more than horizontal illumination. The best environment of the field when vertical illumination=horizontal illumination.
Mecree Led have more than 6 years experiences in Led lighting project, we can offer you Dialux simulation to see how many lights and cost etc you required.

indoor badminton court lighting design

Rank Application field Television demands Illumination (lux) Light source Glare index
Eh Evmai Evaux Ra CCT GR
I Training, entertainment No television relay 300 ≥65 ≤35
II Amateur competition, professional training 750/500 ≥65 ≥4000 ≤30
III Professional competition 1000/750 ≥65 ≥4000 ≤30
IV TV Broadcast domestic and international competition Television relay 1000/750 750/500 ≥80 ≥4000 ≤30
V TV Broadcast major international competition 1400/1000 1000/750 ≥80 ≥4000 ≤30
VI HDTV broadcast major international competition 2000/1400 1400/1000 ≥90 ≥5500 ≤30
VII Emergency TV 1000/750 ≥80 ≥4000 ≤30

PS: When the same table has two values: Before”/” is the value of PA for major competition, behind”/” is the value of TA for whole competition.

(2) Uniformity of illumination and low glare
The uniformity of illumination is used to measure the visibility conditions of the court. When looking at the sun you will feel unable to open eyes, this is due to the brightness of high glare.
The glare of badminton field is direct glare, due to the low ceiling, the light source is very dazzling when the athletes are playing sports. As time passes, the eyes are not comfortable, which seriously affects the athletes’ observation of the ball.
Mecree led has advanced optical technology, calculate optical lends, PC material , light transmittance> 98%. In order to offer a best conditions for athletes, audience, referee, there is no over-bright or over-dark situation when bright the areas. For example, if for HDTV broadcast, the illumination can not vary greatly otherwise it will cause camera exposure.

(3) The cooling system
When your light in badminton court works for at least 10 hours, you maybe worried about the temperature rises even cause safe problem. Mecree led, the patented “fin type” heat dissipation structure design, with greater cooling system area and better thermal conductivity, which not only effectively reduces the temperature of LED junction, but also reduce light failure . The product has lighter weight and high safety performance. It is a high-tech LED light product suitable for sports lighting in the market.

Below is the hot series for badminton court: 300W/400W/600W

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