Professional LED Horse Arena Lighting

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horse arena lights
MECREE is a professional enterprise engaged in LED sports lighting with 10 years of high power LED experience. Today I would like to share some experience about equestrian stadium lighting (horse arena lighting) to you. It’s easy to light up the outdoor or indoor horse stadium, but there are strict requirements for truly providing a comfortable, bright and even light for both the horse and the people, including anti-glare, shockproof, waterproof, no flicker, bright and long-distance lighting. Our equestrian lighting has an extremely high output lighting efficiency of 150 lm/W, which is 200-300% higher than the traditional metal halide lamp or halogen lamp, and we can provide 100w-5000w LED. In order to help you with your lighting project, we provide professional equestrian lighting design to help you choose the power and to suit for your site. If you do not want to make a plan, we can provide you with professional suggestions according to our rich lighting experience.

Outdoor Equestrian Arena Lighting

LED floodlights for horse arena are the best choice. It can provide a natural light for the whole place and can make riders happy while riding. There are a lot of fixtures to choose in the market, to be able to choose more freely, but there are few really good ones. For example, some lamps, the heat does not dissipate, because they produce so much heat, the temperature is very high, when birds nest on the lamps, they will cause fire. This is an actual case happened to a football stadium in the United States.
horse arena lights

Interior Horse Arena Lighting Design

MECREE provides high standard lighting for affordable high quality equestrian arena lighting both indoors and outdoors. They have a variety of lighting configurations and designs, even can be customized according to customer needs. They spread light evenly across the whole ground, making the entire space looks very uniform, without any dark spots or shadows. They also provide waterproofing for dusty barns, which are very abundant. Our company has been hiring lighting experts, who offer free plans and layouts to show customers clear images.

The figure above is an indoor horse arena with 72 pcs 1000W MH lamps. The customer asked for 1000LUX, and then we only needed 72 pcs 100w lamps to meet the customer’s illumination requirement, which greatly reduced the energy consumption. We have made many research and comparison test, all the results show that our lights are 2-3 times brighter than the LED products on the market.
horse arena lights
Below is our lighting DIAlux design for this project. However, in the recreation or private horse area requires about 200 lux, which is enough bright.
horse arena lights
No matter indoor or outdoor, we can provide you with lighting design for free. As long as you are professional enough, we can also provide IES documents. If you want to save time, it doesn’t matter.
We need to know the size of your stadium ground, the lighting level you want, the height of the lamp pole, how many lights can be hung by a lamp pole, etc. If it is indoor, although our product is not very heavy, we need to pay attention to the height and installation of the ceiling. This is because the ceiling will bear its load limit, according to different circumstances, give different Suggestions, can give you the best lighting advice and suggestions.

Best LED Lighting for Horse Track

horse arena lights

1. Our racecourse lighting system is bright enough

Whether casual, professional, college or even league course, high quality and bright floodlights must be installed to provide proper lighting. Our lights are two to three times brighter than the same power and number LED in the same industry

2. Our LED horse arena lights are energy efficient and durable

We use LED lights for the horse track, because it saves 80 percent of the energy compared to metal halide lamps. Our lights also have 80,000 hours for the lifespan, which is equivalent to working eight hours a day for more than 25 years; Therefore, many customers come back to us, choose our products when they have new projects. It is practical and worthwhile to install LED in this type of stadium, although the price of light is slightly higher than MH and HID, MH and HID are not power saving, large energy consumption and high operation cost. If you convert to our lamps, the running cost of the racetrack lamp can be saved up to $100,000 per year.

3. Choose horse arena lighting that is waterproof and good cooling system

The design of cooling system can say to affect the life of lamps directly. Be like heat cannot be sent out in time, bring about temperature exorbitant, the light failure of chip will go up, the lights get breakdown easily. In order to solve this problem, our cooling design is the No.1 in the world, We have our own heat dissipation design patent, which is the best heat dissipation of high-power lamps. One feature is 4D ventilation, can transfer the heat to the surrounding environment immediately, of course, there are many details of the features at our cooling system. If you want to know more. welcome to email us.
Outdoor lighting also has higher requirements for waterproof. Our lights can be used directly with a high-pressure spray gun to splash water directly in the cleaning process, and IP66 protection allows water jets.

4. Flicker-free

First of all, our anti-glare lens can create a comfortable, daytime lighting environment, which will not stimulate trainers and horse eyes. Besides, we all know that the lightning flicker will cause the horse to be scared, which haven’t happened in our lamps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] We look forward to your message.
horse arena lights

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