Cricket Floodlight Planning

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European Standard contain the general sporting requirement that Vertical illuminance be measured 1m above ground and not be less than 30% of the horizontal level. The provision
of adequate vertical illuminance is recommended with consideration of the levels recommended

Outdoor Cricket detailed specifications for the provision of Vertical Illuminance.

Glare Rating minimum GR=50 is adopted in-line for Outdoor Cricket for all levels of competition including Class III.

Mecree lighting meet all the requirements of the venue, whether it is the top HD live venue, or just the ordinary venue for training and entertainment


This Guidance Note considers fiveunique playing area situations.

1. Outdoor playing area
2. Outdoor practice nets
3. Outdoor multi-oval formats
4. Indoor Cricket court
5. Indoor practice nets.

The varied dimensions of playing areas must be a key consideration when planning and designing lighting infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor play and practice.


The planning, design and layout of floodlighting infrastructure is critical to ensure the required uniformity of illumination, to minimise glare and obstruction to participants and play and to minimise the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting.

Floodlighting illuminance levels for most sports depend on the following three factors:

1. Safety and comfort of participants, officials and spectators
2. The size, speed and contrast of the ball, and
3. The level of competition to be played (and trained for) under floodlit conditions. As a fast moving ball sport the lighting illuminance requirements for cricket are generally comparatively higher than for the ball sports of Football, Rugby codes– the seasonal sports that cricket typically shares venues with.

Illuminance requirements are most important in the centre wicket (pitch) and square areas where heightened activity occurs. For this reason higher illuminance levels are specified in this area than for the outfield.

Illuminance is also important to adequately disclose the position of boundaries.

Play level classifications

(Class I, II & III) are defined under the European Lighting Standard adapted for cricket as follows:

Lighting Class I – International and National play shall meet this classification. Class I is set for top level competition. In the cricket context, this level is likely to include non-televised international, domestic, first-class and state level fixtures and events. Venues will be designed to accommodate international and national competition which generally involves large spectator capacities with long potential viewing distances. Top Level training can also be included in this Class. Lighting Class II shall meet this classification.

Class II is set for mid-level competition such as Premier, regional and/or high level club competition, which may involve medium size spectator capacities with medium viewing distances. Premier cricket, high level club or regional squad training can also be included in this Class. Lighting Class III - Low Level Competition play shall meet this classification.

Class III is set for local community club or recreational level competition which does not generally involve spectators. General training, physical education (school sports) and recreational activities can also be included in this Class. Cricket Training – Match Practice and Training In addition reduced levels of lighting may also be suitable for centre wicket cricket training

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