Cricket stadium Lighting Budget elements

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Lighting operation needs to anticipate cost allowances for the following elements

Billing costs for energy consumed and, depending on energy tariff structure, power demand taken will occur.

The energy consumption ratio of Mecree LED for traditional lighting is 80%, which is also 30% more energy saving than LED products, so as to achieve better lighting level for customers with fewer lamps

The latter maintenance cost is more reliable. The LED does not have ballast and does not need to change the light bulb regularly, which saves manpower and material resources. Moreover, the service life exceeds 80,000 hours, which greatly reduces the operation cost of users

Assessing supplier lighting proposals

Community cricket clubs will often find it

challenging to assess the competing claims of lighting suppliers advocating use of their systems.

Professional lighting design review of submission

proposals by experienced persons is therefore recommended which can check and compare the following information:

Lighting Designer and Manufacturer.

Simulation design

Maintenance Illuminance plot (horizontal at ground level).
Minimum and Maximum illuminances in square and infield.
Uniformities U1 and U2 in square and infield.
Vertical Illuminance calculations.
Light loss factor used with the maintenance illuminance.
Maximum Glare Rating at 1.5m above ground at all standard observer positions and specifically in the directions viewing the wicket.

The using performance of lamps and lanterns is the important embodiment of its value, first of all to have good design team to use the lamps and lanterns export field simulation, field illumination uniformity is to ensure that athletes play good conditions, the lamps and lanterns of unprofessional although the price is very cheap, but the glare, light failure quickly, life is short, can increase the user's second purchasing cost

cricket lighting is divided into two levels:

Match and exercise net

This is a fast motion designed to maximize Multi-purpose stadium lighting

The recommended illumination range is:

Class I - 750 lux;Minimum uniformity avg= 0.7
Class II - 500 lux;Minimum uniformity avg= 0.7
Class III - 300 lux;Minimum uniformity avg= 0.7

The measuring plane is the ground plane.

cricket ground minimum of (500 lux) should be required

The uniformity is further improved from 0.7 to 0.8 it will also allow consistency with the uniformity currently specified for the exercise net

You must be equipped with the most professional equipment, MECREE will use its own professional to provide you with more suitable led floodlight. If you have more questions or requirement, please inquiry to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours

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