Color Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI) – Buyer’s guide

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There have been some confuses between Color Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI), which affect you to decide the best lighting for your areas. Now in this article we will solve your doubts of what’s Color Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI), and How to choose them for beautifying your lighting area?

Do you know what is color?

Color is an aspect of something caused by the different qualities of light reflected or emitted. To see color, you must have light. When light hits an object, some colors reflect off the object and others are absorbed by the object. Our eyes can only see the colors reflected or reflected. So lighting is of great importance which affect whether the color can be seen or not.

How many colors exist?

Colors are divided into primary color ( Red, Green, Blue) and secondary colors. The variety of colors you see is the result of the combination of these three colors. Like the 3D color spaces:

After we know the colors, we will started about what’s the differences between CCT and CRI, and how to choose them to beautify your lighting project?

What is Color Temperature?

The color emitted by the light source is the same as that of the black body at a certain temperature. The temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light.
The bluer the light, the higher the color temperature. Which is measured in degree of Kelvin. Different applications or places with different color temperature, Mecree led can do from 2700-6500K even more higher according to the best lighting effect for you.

Whats is Color Rendering Index?

The CRI is the rendering ability of light for each object. The lower the CRI, the greater the color differences. Like the pictures of apple testing.
The range of CRI is 1-100, the highest of the natural sunshine is 100,while the traditional lights such as Metal halide or HPS with low CRI <50.That’s why a beautiful and red apple will looks like a stake apple. When you in some specially occasions such as art gallery and great museum, Mecree Led will suggest the CRI>90+ to make each object shows the real colors and bring the best enjoyable environment for a visitors.

How to apply the kinds of lights?


A.Soft and warm white lights

Do you want to have a comfortable and safety area in your living room or bedroom? MECREE suggest you the soft and warm white lights, it will bring the sense of cozy.

B.Bright and cool white lights

MECREE think bright and cool white lights can bring the positive and strong energy feelings. It it especially used for kitchen room, backyards, restrooms etc.


Making up is a professional thing for each woman, daylight can be the best choice for you to enjoy the process of beatifying you.

How to use the lighting for commercialized areas?


1.Parking lot

Nowadays, safety is a most important factor when chose the lights for parking lot. It it not only a security for drivers and passengers, but also it can reduce the criminal accident. Mecree suggest 2800-3600 ( warm CCT) and CRI of 65-80.
Another thing is the light pollution, Mecree not only focus on the best choice for CCT and CRI, but also reduce the light pollution because of it affects the nature in a large extend. For example, some animals has different circadian rhythm, light pollution post a threat to all of them.
Therefore, you need to pay attention to how to choose the good lights.

2.Sports filed

To bring the great vision for athletes, audience and referee, Mecree suggest that normally the sport field with high CRI>80 and CCT>5000k.
If you are in this occasions, you will have a bright and clearly lighting effect, so that your eyes can enjoy the comfortable and uniform vision.


You may find that the light in hospital is more brighter than other areas. That’s because it not only brings the positive and energy feelings for each one, but also can be helpful when doing the operation.
There are many other different areas, maybe you are doubt that no direction for choosing the lights. Don’t worry, our engineer will do the lighting simulation for you.

How to bring the better lighting affect for your lighting area?


MECREE LED suggest

1.Choose the right CRI and CCT
2.Try not to depends on traditional and cheaper lights (Choose Led lights will be more cost saving and energy saving.
3.Focus on the perfect cooling system, the lifespan can be >80000hrs
4.Focus on the low light decay<5% at least in 5 years. It can bring the bright environment all the time
5.Don’t choose the light with light pollution, it will harmful for nature and bring a bad vision for people. (No light pollution)

The following 200W/400W/600W are the hot sale products now, if you need to know more about how to choose the CRI and CCT, pls send the info to us: [email protected] We are waiting for serving you.

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