Sydney Olympic Stadium, Australia

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Sydney Olympic Stadium

Built time: l998 years.
A large-scale sports event held in the past: the versatile Sydney Dome Gymnasium hosted the 2000 Olympic Games basketball and gymnastics competitions. Opened in September 1998, it is Australia’s largest and most advanced indoor sports and entertainment venue.

Lamp source:

MVF406/MHD1 800W: Normal type l32 sets, with 68 sets of thermal trigger.
MVF330/HPI-T250W: 102 sets.
There are also 100 sets of tungsten halogen lamps, which give the auditorium a dim effect. 58 sets of HNF901 Puma floodlights use metal halide light sources.

High-quality MHD metal commercial lamps are used to provide the best color image for TV and photography, and the most important skin color for gymnastics is also best presented. A high-resolution playback screen is hung on the central hanger in the field. In order to keep the floodlights off the screen, special attention has been paid to their aiming mode.

Lighting Standard:

Average illuminance:2481 lux.
The average vertical illumination is 206llux.
Color temperature: 5600K.
Color rendering index: Ra>90.


With the circumference of the cloth light, the combination with the building is seamless, able to meet the lighting requirements of a variety of sports. For basketball and gymnastics competitions, measured indicators: vertical illumination in the direction of the main camera > 2000 lux, U, = minimum vertical illumination / maximum vertical illumination > 0.6, V2 = minimum vertical illumination / average vertical illumination > 0.7, relative color temperature “k = 5600K, The color rendering index Ra>90. It is fully in line with the requirements of high-definition television broadcasting. About 1/3 of the lamps are equipped with thermal triggering devices, which meet the requirements for evacuation and meet the requirements of emergency television.

LED Floodlights Replacement

With the continuous development and breakthrough of LED lighting technology, more and more customers choose LED floodlights to replace existing metal halide lamps.
LED floodlights have become a new trend in modern lighting due to their high luminous efficiency, no pollution, no stroboscopic, and maintenance-free. Mecree is the leader in sports lighting. Its high-power led floodlights have won praises from domestic and international sports lighting. With the current efficacy and performance of Mecree products, Mecree GL-SPL-800w can replace MVF406/MHD1 800W, GL- The FL-100W is a perfect replacement for the MVF330/HPI-T250W.

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