How to make you stand out from countless lighting contractors?

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How to make you stand out from countless lighting contractors, are you still having trouble catching millions of dollars in stadiums lighting? Today, will help you to solve these worries, by choosing a reliable supplier.

MECREE –> Centennial Enterprise

We have been focusing on sports lighting for 10 years, and our goal is to be a 100-year enterprise. We still have countless 10 years to go before that goal. We are committed to the development and production of high-power stadium lights. In the past decade, there are numerous small-scale bid lighting projects. At the same time, we have won FIFA Women’s World Cup, Boland Cricket Course in South Africa, African Youth World Championship, Summer Youth Olympic Games in Argentina and other large-scale sports lighting projects. It is not your choice that we choose and trust each other. We look forward to your joining.

Core Hard Power

Stable Quality LED Stadium Light – Core Weapon

In the increasingly competitive and high-power LED market, why MECREE’s LED sports lights are trusted by customers. Because MECREE products have always adhered to the principle of quality assurance and design innovation, from optical technology, heat dissipation technology, to raw material selection, we are all hands-on, starting from the market, better than the market.
Our products are through market research, engineer design, and then through laboratory testing, and then put into the market, experiencing the actual test. There is no best, only better, technology is developing, so MECREE has been improving, constantly moving forward, so providing customers will always be better, quality and innovation will never end.

The maximum power of MECREE sport lamp can reach 5000W, lumen can reach 750,000. Here attached some project pics, lots of clients choose small quantity high power led flood lights instead of led floodlights with small watts but large quantities.

FIFA Standards

Therefore, MECREE sports lights can meet FIFA standard stadium illumination standards, and the Lux required by FIFA (brightness) is about 1800 to 2400 Lux, which can produce enough brightness of sports lighting is the key.

High Uniformity

Brightness is now achieved by almost all competitors, and illumination uniformity is also a key factor. It shows the distribution of lighting on the ground. Some unprofessional lighting solutions have very low uniformity, dark areas and spots. This will largely affect athletes’ performance and user experience.
We have a professional team of lighting solutions engineers, can tailor-made high uniformity solutions for your site.

HD TV Broadcasting

MECREE sports lights are suitable for 4K TV broadcasting. Our lamps have no strobe. Usually, if there is no flicker under high-speed cameras of 5000-6000Hz, the lamps are of good quality, so they are suitable for almost all motion lighting applications.

Reduce Light Waste

In order not to affect the residents near the stadium to be affected by the strong light of sports and avoid light pollution, we use the patented scientific light distribution design to improve the utilization rate of light up to 98%.

Core Soft Power

Free Lighting Solution

A perfect sports lighting project can not be separated from lighting solutions, providing you with free lighting solutions, according to your stadium type, recommend you the appropriate illumination, and simulated by engineers, serve you with the best lighting solutions.

Professional Installation

Lamps are equipped with professional installation instructions, which can be customized in different languages according to different countries. For special requirements, professional installation engineers can be sent to guide installation.

Laser Locator

The installation angle of the lamp determines the position of the beam illumination, which has been a problem that has troubled most customers. Now MECREE LED motion lamps can be equipped with laser locator to precisely illuminate the beam to the target site, even during the day, can install the led floodlights according to the lighting design accurately.

One stop service

For large-scale bidding of sports venues, new venues need lighting poles and other supporting facilities. MECREE not only provides high-quality LED stadium lights for your project, but also provides custom-made lamp poles for you. It also includes supporting facilities such as ground cage, cables, so that you don’t need to spend any more time looking for suppliers of other facilities.

If the old site is renovated without changing the lamp pole, will customize the handle according to your existing lamp pole, which is easier to install. Care-free after-sales service is also one of the key factors for more and more customers to choose us, providing care-free 5-year quality assurance.

Join Us

As an electrical contractor, we understand that there are many kinds of projects you need to deal with. If you currently have a lighting tender project, why not join us? We will provide you with the most suitable lighting solutions and professional lighting advice, so that you can stand out in the bidding project. For any needs, please email to [email protected]

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