Why We Choose LED to Replace Halogen and CFL?

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European Union is now banning halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), with results expected by the coming 2020. Many indoor or outdoor areas such as airport tarmac, soccer field, tennis court, basketball court, warehouse, parking lot, harbor, power plant, high mast, high canopy or low canopy lighting may require the replacement of LED lights.
According to the light Ecodesign Law, the minimum luminous efficiency requirement for all lighting fixtures on the market is 85 lumen per watt. However, the efficiency of the halogen lamp (25 lm/w), a CFL with a ballast (60 lm/w), they are not sufficient to meet this standard. As a result, halogen lamps and CFL bulbs will be banned in Europe. In fact, there are many advantages to using LED lights instead of CFLS and halogens. LED lights have a luminous efficiency of about 130 to 150 lm/w, significantly higher than the standard. In addition to being energy efficient, LED lights are also more environmentally friendly because they do not use toxic mercury and heavy metals. Even without a ban on halogens and CFL, it would still be wise to choose LED lights.

Revolutionary change of lighting industry

The Ecodesign Law phased out the use of incandescent bulbs in 2009 and promoted the use of other energy-saving lighting alternatives. Similar rules are now being issued again (halogens and CFLS are banned, when is below 85 lm/w). It moves the lighting market from traditional HID lighting to modern, energy-efficient, clean LED lighting.
According to regulations, lighting fixtures should be removable and replaced to avoid unnecessary waste. If approved, the new proposal would have a huge impact on the whole lighting industry, especially for manufacturers that use automatic or semi-automatic production systems. They would have to reform their entire production process. For consumers, they would choose replaceable lighting fixtures.

In the future, LED lights will replace halogens and CFLS

LED lights are a great choice for outdoor and indoor high power lighting because of their high energy efficiency (130 to 150 lm/w), long service life (80,000 hours), durability (IP67, impact and corrosion resistance) and high quality lighting (anti-glare, no flicker). Thanks to our research and development team, we now have 20 watt to 5,000 watt LED lighting fixtures with a luminous efficiency of 130-180 lm/w.

The replacement after banned

You may be wondering why I need such high luminous efficiency? For example, 100W LED lights replace 1000W halogen lamps. In order to light up the stadium, we need about 50000 to 70000 watts of LED lights. However, switching to a halogen lamp requires 10 times more power, which means 500,000 watts of halogen light. In other words, to have the same lux or brightness level, LED lighting requires much less power than CFL and halogen lamps. Longer life also means we don’t need to replace LED lights as often, saving maintenance and installation costs.

Unit modular design, easy maintenance

Sometimes we may face artificial damage to the lights. Mecree owns the patent design of unit modularization, you only need to replace the damaged part, easily.


If you are interested and need advice on halogen and CFL replacement, Mecree 20-5000W LED floodlights with professional engineer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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