The importance of LED light to UEFA stadium

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UEFA is one of six federations under FIFA. The influence, wealth and power of UEFA in the world is also the highest among the six major football federations, as many of the world’s top players gather in Europe (especially clubs in Spain, Germany, England, Italy and France) because of the high salaries of European clubs.
Many football powers in the world are also members of UEFA. Among the 32 countries in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, 14 national teams are from Europe, and 15 countries are in the top 20 in the FIFA world rankings.

A minimum capacity of 50,000 (5-star pitch) or 30,000 (4-star pitch) for the 2008 European football championships, which will be expanded to 53,008. All seats should have backrest. The competition area shall not be less than 105×68 meters. The distance between the sideline of the competition site and the auditorium: the sideline on both sides is 6 meters, and the bottom line of the gantry is 7.5 meters. The playing field has no perimeter fence. A first-rate dressing room for the opposing team and the referee (of the same size and facilities, with sufficient space, light and cleanliness) Direct, dedicated and properly protected access for both parties and the officials to and from the pitch, the playing area and the changing rooms. Properly equipped drug testing rooms. Properly equipped rooms for UEFA staff and referee observers. The intensity of the flood light should not be less than 1400 lux in front of the main camera and 1000 lux inside the pitch.

Energy efficiency

We can choose sustainable and energy-efficient lighting design to meet the best lighting standards imposed by FIFA. Compared with HPS, halogen lamp or metal halide lamp, LED is the best lighting source. Mecree LED’s energy power is three times that of the traditional old lamp, but its energy consumption is only one third of that of the old lamp. As a result, Mecree LED can save 5/6 of the energy consumption every year and save a lot of money for the site.

No flicker lighting

High-definition and 4K broadcasting is very common. If the stadium lights do not have scintillation prevention technology a significant scintillation will be captured under a high speed camera. Our LED OMNI has the most advanced LED chip, which can reduce the flicker rate to 0.3% and can be ignored by the naked eye or any slow-motion camera.

Stable lighting and on-off switch

Steady lighting means that the brightness should be consistent throughout the game. The LED’s brightness remains constant even after being on for a month. That’s because led don’t generate much heat. Mecree LED equipped with 4 d radiator, center the highest temperature is lower than 65 ℃,
Make the life time of lamps and lanterns is strengthened. Instant on and off makes the field of competition more convenient, even if there is a problem in the middle, can quickly make the lighting back to normal. Does not affect the overall game schedule, is a technical reform.

You must be equipped with the most professional equipment, MECREE will use its own professional to provide you with more suitable led floodlight. If you have more questions or requirement, please inquiry to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours.

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