How to Make Your Castle More Attractive?

429 Published by admin 03 01,2019

A castle in every city is usually a tourist attraction that visitors can’t miss, because it is the best embodiment of a place’s history and culture. Therefore, a good castle facade tower lighting is very important, can illuminate the exterior wall curtain wall, barbican, gatehouse and other areas. MH or halogen lamps are often replaced by LED lights, because of their higher energy efficiency and longevity, which are beneficial in terms of environmental protection and cost savings in maintenance.
In order to decorate the castle at night, we can even add color-changing RGB floodlights for external and internal curtain walls, towers, etc., to add different colors, attracting more visitors. Now let’s explore how to light up the castle.

Castle curtain wall lighting design

1. Castle tower brightness (lux) level

It takes about 20 to 50 lux to light up the tower’s facade. Our engineers will design the best lighting for barbican based on the height and materials of the external walls. If we need to enhance the security of the castle, the brightness level will be increased to 100 to 200 lux, in which case we will need to add additional lights.
Our product ranges include 100 to 5,000 watts LED floodlights, so we can always provide you with the most suitable lighting for the castle. Contact us immediately for free lighting advice and quotes on lighting projects.

2. Replace MH and halogen lamps

If your existing castle lighting system uses MH lamps as a light source, you may change the lighting frequently. One of our UK clients reported to us that the lumen output of the MH lamps decayed after one year. The light dimmed, and on the curtain walls say five to ten lux, and the outer walls of the castle became less attractive.

By replacing MH lamps with LED lights, we can enjoy a service life of 80,000 hours, based on 5 hours of use per day, equivalent to more than 35 years of use. This huge difference allows us to save a lot of maintenance costs.

For the replacement of halogen LED, the main motivation is that we can save the operating cost of the lamp caused by electricity. Sometimes we need up to 50,000 to 100,000 watts of halogen bulbs to light up medium-sized castles, curtain walls, towers, etc. This is because halogen lighting is only 10 to 22 lm/w (compared to 130 to 150 lm/W LED lights). Thus, by switching to the LED, the power consumption is reduced to 1/10 of the original value, which helps reduce the operating cost.

3. Color-changing facade lights for castle curtain wall decoration

In addition to the traditional warm or cold white lighting, we also provide color-changing wash wall lights for the castle facade.
Before purchase, we can provide you with color change lighting simulation. Our engineers will help you design RGB lights color changing modes for you.


Mecree provides high quality and durable LED lighting solutions for your castles and towers. If you are interested and need advice on castle lighting, Mecree LED lights with professional engineer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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