Mobile tower replacement works

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In some of the power supply is not perfect in the work area or the site of temporary activities, we need some flexible and convenient lighting equipment, so the human invented the mobile tower Lighting performance: the lamp panel is composed of 4 500W high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, and each lamp head is individually adjusted at the top, bottom and left and right angles according to the needs of the site, so as to achieve 360-degree all-round lighting by rotation;Can also be the lamp head in the lamp plate uniform distribution to the four directions of lighting;Overall lighting both near and far, high lighting brightness, wide range, lifting performance:Choose three telescopic cylinder as lift regulating mode, height of 4.5 meters, light coverage radius reached 35 to 55 m. Work time: when using the generator power supply, a fill fuel can work continuously more than 13 hours, using the 220 v mains can long time lighting and operational: through wireless remote control within 50 meters respectively control the opening and closing of each lamp, use air pump or manual valve to control the telescopic rod lifting. Application places:The lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are of integral structure, and the bottom of the generator set is equipped with universal wheel and iron wheel, which can run on the potholded road surface and railway track

Application place:

1. Construction lighting is applied in engineering construction, urban construction pipeline, pavement paving, road maintenance and road rescue;
2. Emergency lighting is used for emergency rescue, earthquake preparedness, armed police fire fighting, earthquake relief and flood control;
3. Combat readiness lighting is applied to combat readiness emergency, various rescue, field training, camping and distribution;
4. Mine lighting is applied to open pit mine lighting, tunnel lighting, distribution, storage and transportation, and mine camping;
5. Mobile lighting for sports events, film shooting, airport standby, railway power;
6. Emergency lighting is applied in traffic, electric power, water pipe, gas and telecommunication construction

MECREE LED application in mobile tower:

1.Reduce the number of lights used, so as to save the total cost. Originally 12 mobile towers of 400W were used, now 2 pcs Mecree FL1000W are used to complete the replacement. The mass production of mobile tower truck makes the products put into the market countless every year.It is conceivable how much cost savings this replacement reform could bring to manufacturers or projectors.

2.In some operating areas or activity zones, it is important to ensure the safety of personnel, which reduces the total number of lights used and lightens the load of the mobile tower, thus ensuring the occurrence of accidents caused by excessive load.

3.Mecree LED mobile tower is selected for better brightness and longer range. Cree COB light source from the United States is adopted to make the light source stronger.A direct shot from a distance of 1000 meters can still be effective

4.More energy saving, the power consumption is only 1/3 of the old lamp, and the battery life is towers are commonly used because of inadequate electrical facilities.Therefore, the endurance of mobile tower can be extended, which is undoubtedly a guarantee for the efficiency of operating areas and activity zones.For European and American countries, energy conservation is equal to environmental protection.

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