Comparison of Four Illumination Design Schemes for Golf Course Driving Ground

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The illumination level of the golf course lighting generally requires the horizontal illumination of the serving table area to be 200-250 Lux and the vertical illumination to be 80-120 Lux at the height of 200 yards and 5 meters. At present, there are four kinds of lighting design schemes for golf driving range, which are the design of backstage pole, the design of lighting on both sides of the driving range, the design of floor lamp and the design of lighting on the roof of the playing platform. The design principles, advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1. After the stage or on both sides of the pole design

The pole is placed behind the platform, as shown in the following figure:

The height of the pole is recommended to be more than 15 meters to ensure that there is enough space vertical illumination in front of the platform to track the flight path of the ball. In principle, the distance between the poles must not exceed twice the height of the pole.
Advantages: The equipment is the most efficient and the installation is the easiest.
Disadvantages: glare and spillage are serious.
Successful case: Guangzhou Nanhai Taoyuan driving range.

2.Lighting Design on Both Sides of the Exercise Ground

Combining the lamp layout above the platform and on both sides of the training ground, lamp poles can be arranged on both sides of the training ground or light can be arranged on the fence by using the fence. The height of the lamp pole is determined by two factors: 1. the required level of glare and overflow on the site; 2. the width of the exercise field. The recommended height is 21 m lamp post.
Advantages: The overall lighting effect is the best, both horizontal and vertical illumination values, and small glare and overflow. If combined with the structure of purse seine, the cost can be effectively saved.
Disadvantage: Equipment cost is high, installation cost and later maintenance cost is more expensive than the scheme.
Successful cases: Hangzhou Leisure Age Center Driving Range, Kunming Dianchi Golf Driving Range, etc.

3.Design of floor lamp with standing lamp pole on both sides of the platform

When the floor lamp is used to realize the illumination of the training ground, it is necessary to combine the way of playing the stand lamp pole at the table position. Good vertical illumination can be guaranteed over the exercise area.
Advantage: Vertical illumination over the training area is the best.
Disadvantage: If the ball flies over the ground lamp barrier wall, it will lose track, and the horizontal illumination is poor and the cost is high.
Successful cases: Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Driving Range, etc.

4.Design of lighting on roof

The most concise lamp layout scheme, the lamp is arranged on the platform roof, the minimum height of the roof is recommended to exceed 8 meters. Because of the low installation altitude, if the flying altitude of the ball exceeds the projection altitude range of the lamps, the flying trajectory of the ball will lose a section in the high altitude, and the horizontal illumination of the front and back areas will change greatly.
Advantages: The lowest cost, but higher installation and maintenance costs.
Disadvantage: Glare and overflow are very serious.
Successful Case: A Golf Driving Range in Myanmar


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