Finding the Best Led Studio Lighting for Shooting

332 Published by admin 02 27,2019

The high quality of Led studio lighting will help you win the best picture in Oscar 2019! We will listen and understand the requirements of film director to make the customized and proper led studio lighting, which can be applied to Oscar, Hollywood and other world-class film program.
Mecree Led studio lighting has long lifespan>80000hrs, different range of color temperature for your option. Brightness and high CRI will beautify the shooting effect. Nowadays, more and more people start to replace Metal Halide lights with Led, let’s find the best one for you.

Two Major Advantages of Replacing Traditional Lamp With Customized Led studio Lights.
1.High light efficiency 160lm/w are 8-10 times than traditional lamp. 100w led equal to 300w Metal Halide lights, Saving more than 80% energy and electricity bill for you.
2.Remarkable long lifespan ensure more than 27 years life if lighted up 8hrs a day; Advanced cooling system, and perfect lighting effect.

What Factors Do You Need Take Into Consideration?

1.Widely Power Range
In the daytime, the lights can be used to supplement insufficient bright especially for outdoor shooting area, if the the power of lights is too small, it will bring no any effect to achieve a good lighting effect. For example, when shooting outdoors, if the sky is taken as the background, the model will darken due to underexposure if the sky exposure is accurate. The model needs to be illuminated with an external light to ensure that the sky and the character are exposed at the same time.

In the night. You need to be very careful. Because of its power is too large, a little careless because of the power will cause excessive exposure of the photo forming dead white.

Therefore, the wider power range, the more choice of shooting you could choose and the better environment you could create. Mecree Led can produce from 100-5000w with different beam angle and color temperature.
2.The layout for indoor studio
The lights shouldn’t be too strong, it will case big lighting differences. Power determines how strong the light is, how far and how well you could shoot, and how much spot you could reduce.

If you don’t know how to arrange the position of lights, pls contact us. Our engineer will help you to design the best lighting simulation.
3.Advanced optical technology, especially for high CRI
Mecree Led studio lights has advanced optical technology, we use secondary optical technology, PC material. Light transmittance>98%. Low light decay<5% ( In 5 years). The most important is high CRI>90+. Like the following pictures, the higher CIR refers to the real color to ensure the highest quality of video of pictures.

4.Perfect cooling system
Many people tend to ignore the heat dissipation performance when choosing LED studio lights. In fact, it is an important factor affecting the lifespan of lamps directly, and the light decay indirectly. Each brand of lights has different ways of heat dissipation. Mecree Led has its patent cooling system, each fin is very thin and light which is aluminum alloy with electrophresis and power-painted treatment. It not only ensures the low junction temperature<65℃, long lifespan and low light decay, but also keep it anti-corrosion.

More pictures shows Mecree led studio lighting project for outdoor film shooting, which is bigger than stadium.

If you have requirements, please feel free to send us email: [email protected] We will offer the best service to achieve your requirements. Thanks for reading.

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