Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost

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Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost? Do you understand the security risks of MHL? Do you still want to pay a huge maintenance fee every year?Now let me show you why we’re replacing MHL.

The safety hazard of Metal halide lamp

1. Large power consumption: The metal halide lamp adopts an inductance ballast, which has high power consumption, high working current and very high starting current at the instant of starting For example, the 400W metal halide lamp is about 15A at the moment of starting. It has a great influence on the life of the electric appliance and often damages the facilities of the air switch. At the same time, the ballast consumes a large amount of electric energy, causes huge electricity expense to the user, accelerates the aging time of the line, and the aging of the line also brings a little hidden danger to the quality and safety.
2. High ultraviolet radiation: ultraviolet light is a terrible light, it will cause serious damage to people’s eyes and skin, causing eye disease and skin cancer. The ultraviolet light content of the traditional light source is high, such as the ultraviolet light of the metal halide lamp accounts for 34% of the total luminous flux, and the long-term close distance working under the metal halide lamp will cause considerable harm to the human body.
3. Poor restarting ability: after the metal halide lamp is closed, it needs to wait for a period of 10 minutes before starting again. Otherwise, it will burn down and bring a lot of inconvenience to use.

Analyze MECREE LED lights : how much operational costs can be saved for you

Our successful project of out door LED sports lighting in Chile. Only with 15pcs 600W LED floodlight to replace 24pcs 2000W metal halide lamp.
The avg lighting cost of 100W MECREE LED Lights is $130, and the cost of 1000W metal halide lamp is $50. It is based on the assumption that 0.12 kilowatt/h of electricity and is used for 10 hours for each day. If use for 1 year,
Then the total cost:
100W LED Light cost + running cost = $130 + (100W/1000 * $0.12) * 10 hours * 365 days = $173.8
1000W MH light cost + running cost = $50 + (1000W/1000 * 0.12) * 10 hours * 365 days = $488
After one year, the 100W MECREE LED Lights can save $314.2 than 1000W MHL. The value doesn’t include the replacement cost of MHL, as MH can usually work 1 to 2 years only, while MECREE LED Lights works over 100,000 hours.
The result shows you can save around $314.2 per 100W MECREE LED Lights for a Chile tennis court having 15pcs 600 MECREE LED Lights, the cost saved is $314.2* 15*6 = $28,278 per year.

At night, the MECREE LED Lights looks like a sun, make the hockey field much more brighter and comfortable for players.
If you would like to get the quotes or know more about the tips for MECREE LED Lighting please feel free to contact us at email: [email protected]

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