How to Choose LED Lights for Warehouse Lighting?

820 Published by admin 02 20,2019

Experts in the LED industry said that in the design of warehouse lighting, according to the visual requirements, the nature of warehouse operation and environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of LED flood light, the working space should have reasonable illumination, color rendering, appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment.

Basic Factors Need to be Considered of Warehouse Lighting

We can consider these factors first:
1) Energy-saving: According to the operation time and different illumination requirements, it can be used as dual lighting circuit or intelligent dimming control lamps;

2) Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, corrosion-proof and riot-proof properties should be adopted to ensure the safe operation of lamps;
3) Long life: Warehouse should not change lamps frequently to avoid the increase of later dimension cost, and choose lamps with long life and high stability;
4) The height of warehouse: 4-6m of low-level warehouse, 6-15m of middle-level warehouse and 15m of special high-level warehouse are more common, and the led flood light with reasonable power are selected.
5) Shelf height: The shelf height of the middle warehouse is generally 2 meters, while the shelf height of the middle warehouse is 8 meters. Considering the shelf height, install the lamp position reasonably;
6)Illuminance requirements: in order to clearly identify goods and labels, the minimum brightness to the ground in general can not be less than 80 lux, but specific analysis of the specific situation;

USA Warehouse with Mecree GL-FL-100W(LED FLOOD LIGHT)

1-3 is about the performance of led flood lights. We must choose the products of regular manufacturers, and there will be no problems.
4-5 element is to lay out the led flood light position according to the height and position of the shelf, to ensure that each passage has enough lighting, and through professional lamp simulation software, to analyze and calculate how much power the LED lamp needs, in order to meet the requirements of illumination in factor 6.
For example, the common 4-6 metre warehouse height, customer requirements to the ground illumination 180 lux, recommended the use of Mecree 100W LED floodlights, ground illumination can reach 180 lux, lamp and lamp spacing 6 meters.

Germany warehouse with Mecree GL-FL-150W(LED FLOOD LIGHT)

When deciding the lighting scheme of warehouse, we should consider the special requirements of different types of buildings for warehouse lighting, and deal with the relationship between lighting and natural lighting, adopt efficient light source lamps and lanterns, use construction funds rationally, and improve the lighting quality of warehouse.
Mecree LED led flood lights and solutions have been applied in warehouse lighting projects such as Amazon Warehouse in Germany, American Warehouse, etc., and the project is generally praised by the owners.


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