Mining area lighting design

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Street lights, projection lights and portable working lights are generally used in open mining area.High voltage current lamp or incandescent lamp can be used for street lamps. The use of floodlights has certain advantages, can reduce the cost of line investment and use (such as mobile lines and lamps, etc.). Street lamps are generally used in sidewalks, ramp winch paths, dump sites and conveyor tracks.Floodlights are generally used at mining working face, manual operation and loading site, drilling site, high car yard and transfer station.

Installation area

(1) working place of rock drill, mobile (or fixed) air compressor and water pump.
(2) transport plane, ramp hoist, transfer station, transfer station, pedestrian ladder and sidewalk.
(3) loading and unloading place, manual loading and unloading place and dump line of automobile transportation.

Save energy efficient

The evaluation parameters of the proportion of luminous flux that can be utilized by lamps are different from those of traditional lamps.Traditional lighting lamps are evaluated by their luminaire efficiency, while LED lamps are evaluated by their luminous efficiency.
It’s 60 percent brighter than a traditional light fixture and has only a third of the power
You can save a lot of money every year in the area of operations

The normal illumination of mining

Loading and unloading of goods, working areas with low requirements, general illumination requirements of the garage are in 10~15lux. The light efficiency of Mecree LED lamp is 30% higher than that of general lamps, and 60% higher than that of traditional lamps. In this way, a large amount of cost can be saved in the total number of lights used in lighting project.
You can see the pic as follow, the Mecree LED is better than the traditional light a lot. It feed a back from a construction site of Spain

Convenient installation

Need to adjust design Angle of light only, install screw on lamp pole in handle position just done
As the follow installation specification, i think it will be easy for everyone

IP Ranking

outdoor lamps and lanterns must be able to withstand bad weather, such as heavy rain.Our LED sport omni lamp has IP66 protection level, completely dustproof and can withstand bad weather while the fixture lifepan extended

Mecree waits for you.

Choosing us, choosing lamps with high efficiency and perfect effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed.
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