How to Choose the Best Aquarium Lights?

858 Published by admin 02 20,2019

Are you impressed by the amazing light effects of the aquarium? Have you thought about how to achieve this goal and attract more visitors? Today let’s look at high power LED lights in aquariums and swimming pools.

Underwater is a harsh and exceptionally strict environment that requires high-end LED lights. First, aquarium lights must be able to withstand water depth and pressure. Mecree’s aquarium LED light have a protection level IP67, equipped with IP68 waterproof box. The whole light is treated by special electrophoresis to be anti-corrosion. Next, the light for aquarium should be “penetrating” – can have an effective transmission in water. Mecree adopts Japanese secondary optical DIWL lens technology. PMMA has a high light transmittance (98%) and excellent “penetration” in water.

If you find monochrome colors tiring, you can install our RGB LED lights as aquarium lights. Color-changing lights emit rainbow colors to reactivate your site. The light is also suitable for underwater use as it is also equipped with an IP68 rating (with special reinforcement). If you have a large project, we recommend you can connect our RGB lights to the DMX 512 controller to perform complex, stunning lighting effects. Since our RGB LED aquarium lights have the DMX standard, they are compatible with most DMX 512 controllers on the market. You can connect our lights string and then program the lights in the computer to customize your own lighting effect!

If you happen to have a pool in your backyard, our underwater floodlights or RGB lights can also be used as LED pool lights. You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs because our products have a five-year warranty. In addition, lighting module can be replaced separately to save time and cost.


Mecree provides high quality and durable LED lighting solutions for your aquariums and swimming pools. If you are interested and need advice on aquarium and swimming pools lighting, Mecree LED lights with professional engineer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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