MECREE LED use in the fishing vessels

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At present, fishermen often use the light effect to lure fish to the water by holding fishing lights and shining them into the water.However, the existing fishing lamp includes a shell, an LED light emitting component arranged in the shell, and a driving power supply electrically connected with the LED light emitting component.However, in the process of use, a large amount of heat will be generated in the shell due to the work of LED light-emitting components. However, the cooling effect of existing fishing lamps is slow, which is far from meeting people’s needs

Why the yellow light is better

Because yellow light penetrates more strongly than white light.
Wavelength determines the penetration of light.The longer the wavelength, the more difficult it is to be scattered, and the stronger its penetration.Such as red orange yellow.Conversely, the shorter the wavelength, the easier to be scattered, and the weaker its penetration.Such as blue and purple light

Fishing light specification

Luring lamp power is divided into size, small for fishing, large power for the ship fishing.Prices range from tens to thousands of yuan.The voltage is 12V, 24V, 220V.The materials include glass shells and LED (fishing).Colors: red, blue, white, purple, etc. Different colors of lights attract different fish species.Japan developed fiber-optic fishing lamps and began to sell them.The luring lamp can also be used at depths of about 600 meters.

Fishing light style

Marine fisheries high – power collection luring lights, water and underwater products.The lamp hanging on the ship is cheap, so it needs to be waterproof when entering the water.Deep water light Seine fisheries use water to trap fish lamps, with 2KW gas discharge lamps and 2KW halogen lamps.Supporting products are underwater special stainless steel rubber lamps, special underwater cable, 2000W set fish lamp stabilizer, manual dimmer; Centralized control panel, etc

Mecree LED use in the fishing boat.

Because the environment of sea surface is different from that of land, the shells of Mecree lamps are all processed by electrophoresis, which can well prevent corrosion and increase the service life of the lamps.
The color of the light fixtures, as we said earlier, is the most penetrating and has the effect of luring fish, which can help fishermen increase production

Mecree waits for you.

Choosing us, choosing lamps with high efficiency and perfect effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed.
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