How to Choose an Appropriate LED Floodlights

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This article mainly by stating the advantages of LED floodlights, as well as 10 tips for selecting suitable floodlights, to provide you with the corresponding reference for the selection of LED floodlights.

Advantages of LED floodlights

LED floodlight is one of the LED lamps, which has been applied in various fields. Its main advantages are as follows:
1.The light is uniform and soft, and the ground light emitted by the LED is controlled within the required range, which improves the uniformity of the lighting effect and the utilization rate of light energy.
2.The LED lamp’s chips are closely connected with the aluminium base plate, and the aluminium base plate is directly connected with the heat dissipation shell, which is convective with the air to dissipate heat, thus effectively dissipating heat and guaranteeing the life of the light source.
3.Lens or transparent parts are sealed with ageing-resistant silicone rubber band, which makes the lamp sealability best and can be used in high humidity environment.

4. Starting without delay, the brightness of the switch can reach normal brightness without waiting, and the number of switches can reach more than one million times.
5. It has a wide range of applications, such as single building, external wall lighting of historical buildings, light transmission lighting inside buildings, industrial lighting, indoor partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural lighting, bar, dance hall and other entertainment places.
6.Lifetime maintenance-free lighting can be achieved within the service life, realizing the real sense of green environmental protection and energy-saving lighting.

10 Tips for Selecting Appropriate LED Flood Light

In a word, it is not so simple to choose a suitable floodlight, which needs to consider all factors in order to meet the lighting needs.
How to choose LED floodlights and where to use them are the problems that often perplex many people in charge of lighting. The particularity of sport lighting environment determines the high specification of the lighting fixtures, so it is very important for the choice of sport lighting fixtures. The high power led floodlight is a kind of sport lighting which is widely used in stadium lighting nowadays, so the choice of floodlight is becoming more and more important.
Nowadays, there are many brands of LED floodlights on the market. They are different in brightness and number of beads. Generally speaking, the more beads and brightness they have, the more expensive they will be. In order to ensure the stability of LED floodlights in the subsequent use process, it is recommended that we choose a regular brand manufacturers to buy LED floodlights.
1. Antistatic ability – Generally speaking, the stronger its antistatic ability, the longer its service life will be, and the higher the price will naturally be. It is noteworthy that LED with antistatic capacity greater than 700V can be used in LED lighting.

2.The same wavelength-wavelength LED, so the color is the same, this kind of LED floodlights natural price is more expensive, if the color of LED floodlights is required to be the same, the price will be higher.

3. Leakage current-leakage refers to the reverse current of floodlights. Generally speaking, the greater the leakage current, the shorter the service life of floodlights. If the current is slightly higher, it will burn out the beads. Therefore, the price of this type of LED floodlights is relatively low. It is recommended not to buy this type of lamps and lanterns.
4. Luminescence Angle – These factors all affect the price of floodlights to some extent. For example, the light-emitting angle of LED is different, its lighting effect is also different, generally special light-emitting angle, the price is higher;

5. Chips – and different chips, for example, have very different prices. Chips in Japan and the United States are more expensive. Generally, the price of chips in Taiwan and China is lower than that in Japan and America (CREE), and the size of chips also affects the lighting of LED floodlights. Generally, the quality of large chips is better than that of small chips.

6. The quality of colloid-colloid is related to the service life of floodlights. If LED floodlights are used outdoors, it is better to choose LED with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant when choosing to buy them.
7. Product Performance – Considering the power, illumination and lumen of lamps. These are the most basic illumination performance of floodlights. Only by satisfying certain power and illumination can certain lumen be brought to the lighting place, and the factory can get the lighting effect, thus ensuring the normal operation.

8.Workmanship quality-the power and illumination of floodlights are their own product performance, but if we want to really play the product performance of floodlights, the workmanship quality can not be very poor. Like some floodlights produced by unsecured factory, the quality and workmanship are very poor. It is difficult to meet the illumination requirements of the lamps themselves. So the quality of floodlights is very important.
9. Price – It’s better not to choose those low-priced floodlights, because the low-priced floodlights, there must be a lot of cost savings, because now the prices of floodlights products tend to be transparent, it is impossible to have a lot of floodlights below the market price, so the choice must be careful, floodlights. Unlike the lighting for daily use, it must be strictly selected to meet the needs of work and production, and the choice of sports lighting should be very strict.

10. Regular manufacturers – LED floodlights are best to choose products from regular manufacturers. First, they are trustworthy in quality and second, they have perfect after-sales guarantee without worries.


MECREE, the leader of high-power floodlights, is located in Shenzhen. We always insist on making products with high cost performance and stable quality. We provide professional and comprehensive consultation and solutions for your floodlights selection and purchase. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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