Cases Studies ( Using LED Floodlights to Replace MH Lamps)

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It has become a trend to replace metal halide lamps in sports fields with LED floodlights. So do you know what the benefits are? In fact, there are many benefits to replacing traditional lights with LED floodlights in stadiums, such as immediate savings in electricity bills and extended service life, etc. It’s never too late to upgrade your sports lighting system to LED floodlights. This page will provide you with ideas and tips before you change it.

Case 1: tennis courts lighting upgrade -Replacing MH lighting for local tennis clubs

LED floodlights play an important role in optimizing the use of nighttime tennis courts or in the absence of natural sunlight. Tennis courts have different lighting requirements:
A)Amateur game (Training): 150lux-300lux,
B) Common game: 300lux-500lux,
C) Official game: 500-750-1500lux,
D) Auditorium: 30lux-100lux.
The first case study was to upgrade the lighting of tennis courts by replacing existing high-mast MH lamps. They are 2 standard tennis courts of 36 x 18m in size.
Tennis courts (location: France)
Existing lighting system
A) 8*1000W MH lamps
B) installation height: 7m
C) number of tall light poles: 4
After the replacement
A)8*400W LED floodlights (GL-SFL-400W)

LED floodlights have high daylight color and uniform illumination. By switching from traditional lights to LED floodlights, players can enjoy clear, consistent lighting, providing security, while saving 70% on electricity bills and eliminating lighting maintenance.

Buyer’s guide for calculation

How much can you save by replacing MH lamps with LED floodlights? To simplify the steps, we can calculate the reduced power consumption (i.e. 1000W mh-400w LED = 600W saving). For example, if you turn on the lights 12 hours a day, the annual saving on electricity is equal to,
(8 pcs x 600W x 12 hours) / 1000 x $0.12 x 365 days = $2523
Tennis court lighting, due to the size of the tennis court is small, lighting energy consumption is low. In this way, owners can save $2523 a year after switching to LED floodlights. And the service life of our LED sports lights is 80,000 hours, when works 12 hours a day, it can work about 18 years. Maintenance costs are minimized when MH lights are converted to LED floodlights.

Case 2: hockey field lighting replacement solution

Hockey is a powerful sport that involves fast movement. Bright light helps players find the puck and their teammates.
The size of the standard hockey field is 91.4 x 55m. When replacing with LED floodlights, saving $9,250 a year on electricity bills. While maintaining the same lumen output, the uniformity increased significantly from 0.35 (MH) to 0.7 (LED).
Hockey field ( location:Chile )
Existing lighting system
A) 32 pcs 2000W MH lamps
B) installation height: 20 meters
C) number of tall light poles: 6
D) illumination uniformity: 0.35
After the replacement
A) 32 pcs 800W LED floodlights (GL-FL-800W)
B) illumination uniformity: 0.7

Case 3: LED upgrade project of golf course

Similar to previous projects, the replacement with LED sports lighting can not only reduce power consumption, but also improve the evenness of lighting, so as to attract more guests to your stadium. Let’s take a look at the improvements made with LED floodlights.
Golf court (location: Burma)
Existing lighting system
A) 60 pcs 2000W MH lamps
B) installation height: 15m
After the replacement
A)6 GL-FL-500W and 53 GL-FL-1000W

Customers are using our 6 pcs 500W LED sports lighting fixtures for golf driving range and 53 pcs 1000W LED sports lighting fixtures for golf course. Our clients were surprised to find that our lights were brighter than the old ones, giving them a sense of natural light, and regular golfers said it was great to experience it. Our client said that when the next project comes, we will buy LED stadium floodlights from you.

Case 4: LED upgrade project of cricket stadium

The contractor for the plant is a strong customer in South Africa, where the company has been a leader in the local lighting industry for more than 25 years and has been committed to bringing the latest innovations in the lighting industry to South African companies and consumers. After a year of product communication and programming simulation, we finally won the company’s trust in MECREE outdoor stadium lighting. The customer believes that MECRE LED stadium floodlight’s high luminous efficiency and high-performance heat dissipation structure is very suitable for this important local customer and international professional level venue. Let’s see what happens when using our lights.
Cricket Field (location: South Africa )
Existing lighting system
A) 2000W led light
B) number of light poles: 6 PCS
C) installation height: 4pcs 40m, 2pcs 45m
After the replacement
A) 360 GL-FL-1000W
B) Average illuminance: 2017lux

During the installation process, the customer also sent a lot of pictures of outdoor stadium lighting field installation, and was very satisfied with the final installation result.


LED stadium lighting replacement has significant energy saving (70%), higher brightness, uniformity and longer service life and many other advantages. If you are working on MH retrofit projects, or if you have any questions, Mecree 100-5000W floodlights with professional engineer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us via for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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