How to create an artistic stage lighting effect?

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How to create dreamy stage lighting effect? We should consider brightness, light efficiency, color temperature, color rendering, light distribution and heat dissipation. Traditional stage lighting usually uses traditional MHL. The energy efficiency is compared to the bottom, and 95% of the electricity is converted into heat. The actors stay in the high temperature environment for a long time, affecting the makeup of the actors and the performances of the actors. By replacing traditional metal halides, tungsten, or halogen stage lights with MECREE LEDs, you will have an environmental protection and energy saving, adjustable light and color change function, up to ten years of service life, higher CRI and many other advantages of the dreamy stage. Such LED stage lights are now being adopted by more and more stage designers.

The effect of stage lighting

1. Create an artistic atmosphere.
2. Create the artistic conception of the stage.
3. Help the audience understand the stage layout.
4. Realize space and time conversion.
5. Realize the unity of color, shadow and light.
6. Shaping the image of stage figures.
7. Render the atmosphere of the stage.

Stage lighting mode

1. General lighting: refers to the ceiling light and the extended stage as part of the ceiling light hanging ring, as well as the illumination on the grape rack and on the overpass.
2. Key lighting: refers to the surface light, slap on the face, column light, side light, foot light, flow light and low Angle surface light of the extended stage, inside (outside) side light, turntable flow light and the low-voltage socket set in the music pool for connecting music lamp.
3. Decorative lighting: refers to the sky exhaust, ground exhaust and the laser effects used on the stage, the pursuit of light, flow music fountain and various computer lights.

Three factors that influence stage lighting:

①High luminous efficiency
LED stage lights convert 95% of electric energy into light energy, while traditional metal halide stage lights convert 95% of electric energy into heat energy. Therefore, we can know that this is the fundamental difference between the two types of lamps. Generally speaking, 100W LED stage light can replace 300W traditional metal halide stage light. This is because the light energy emitted by the two lamps is the same, and the metal halide stage lamp is replaced by led stage lights, which can save 80% of energy.

②control of color temperature
The cool color temperature is above 5300K and the warm color temperature is below 3300K. The color temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of different scenes. Led stage lights have the advantage of converting color temperature according to demand, but traditional stage tungsten, halogen or metal halide lamps are impossible unless you use rayon paper or pre-installed stage lights of different color temperatures, although artificial stage lights can be change color at any time. But colored paper tends to age at high temperatures, degrading color. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to change the colored paper frequently and increase unnecessary labor costs.
With MECREE’s LED stage light, various color temperatures of 2700K-6500K can be controlled by DMX512 or DALI controller. Easy and simple operation of MECREE’s stage lights, we provide complete system services for lights and controllers, and we can adjust the information in advance according to customer needs or provide free tutorials.

③Cooling system
Cooling system is the most import part. MECREE’s heat sink is the top 1 in the high power lighting field, we use four-dimensional cooling design, junction temperature<70℃,others at least >90℃. For the LED light, if junction temperature >70℃, light decay fall so quick and impact the lifespan. Ours with three times cutting patchwork, so thin and light, it not like others only with one time cutting formation and too heavy. And ours cooling area is 3-5 times bigger than others. And the heat sink has the Electrophoretic processing, which is Corrosion resistant. With MECREE LED stage light are more efficient and stable.

MECREE’s RGB light

Our color changing lamps are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, low glare, no flicker and long service life. The scientifically designed dimensions allow for a wide range of applications and installations on any stage, concert hall and theatre. With the user-operated signal controller, you can achieve fascinating lighting effects for any program at any time. Create an artistic stage. More info and needs, please do not hesitate to contact us

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