Best Led lighting for softball pitch

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We supply lighting for softball pitch & stadium, which is applied to world-class competition such as Minor & Major League Baseball (MLB).
Lighting is the essential parts for playing games – A good lighting system not only can bring a good environment for players, but also can make audience enjoy a clearly and exciting situation. Mecree Led offer the best LED lights for softball pitch that save more than 80% energy after replacing the metal halide or HPS lamps. We produce from 100-5000w with patent perfect cooling system held reduce the junction temperature of whole lights <65℃. Lifespan is >80000hrs. Mecree Led is also suitable for other outdoor and indoor palces, if you have any other tender project, pls contact us for more suggestion for your reference. We upgrade the design and improve the optical technology each year.
Now we will introduce how to light up your softball pitch better and the competitive advantages of our lights.

Standard of softball pitch lighting

As a general rule, most casual softball pitch lighting requires a low pedal minimum for safe and enjoyable play. Because of the limited number of spectators, the goal, if not the total absence, is to provide players with non-glare lighting so that they can see the ball in play.
The right balance between vertical and horizontal lighting can be easily achieved with minimal equipment. With 400W softball lighting fixture located near home plate is usually required to illuminate the interior as long as it is properly mounted on a rod measuring the appropriate height.
The lighting of the tournament softball pitch is a bit complicated because it involves not only players but also fans. Therefore, the level of softball lighting must be higher so that all interested parties can see the ball in action and not “jump” or “jump” from point to point in the air. These fields tend to be larger, so they almost always need the lights of the outfield and infield. The lack of light here makes the ball seem to jump mysteriously in midair from point to point, making it difficult to keep up with the game. However, if fastball softball lights are not equipped with proper lights, they can glare into the eyes of spectators and players, and they can cause complaints from neighbors and may be fined by dark sky regulators.

The competitive advantages of our softball Led lights

1.Enough brightness for your softball pitch
We provide 100-5000w led floodlights for your softball pitch with high light efficiency 160lm/w, no matter how large the area is, we are more enough to light up the whole places.
2.Energy-saving and long lifespan
Led lights can make full use of the bright, while only 20% of other lights such as metal halide is transfer into the bright. That’s why if you use our Led softball light, you can save about 80% energy.
Mecree Led with long lifespan>80000hrs, you can use for more than 27 years if you light up for 8hrs each day. So in total we will bring about $US100000 saving per year for you.
3.Don’t need the time of warming up
When you have competitions while you need to prepare the warm up time for the lights, it will affect the effect of the game, let alone when for HDTV broadcast. If you turn off the lights, you will need another at least half a hour to cool the lamp completely. While our lights can be turned on and off instantly so that to enhance the security of your softball pitch.

4.The advanced lighting design
We offer the free lighting design for each softball or stadium project, whatever it is in university, community or national competition etc.
For the Little League competitions, the lux level should be at least 540 lux for infield, and 320 lux for outfield.
The uniformity is 0.5, which is for infield, and 0.4 for outfield (From Minimum to Maximum Ratio).
The CRI at least 65 for softball pitch, while ours is up to 80. It can ensure the camera the catch the real color.

For optics design, firstly we use calculus optics technology, using the best PC materials, PC material has 1-6 times the difference in cost, good PC material can ensure light decline <5% in five years, bad PC material will be up to 80% in a few months, greatly increasing the cost of your replacement lamp.
Secondly, we use the principle of multiple refraction of light to specific areas, reduce light pollution, achieve light uniformity and full usage. That’s why for the same venue, with the same watts, our lights will be better and the qty will be less than other lights.
It is necessary to tackle the potential problem of light trespass as claimed by sports lighting design standard.

If you have any sports filed lighting project, pls contact us in for the free lighting design. We will try our best to minimize your cost and beautify the lighting effect. The following is the hot sale products 400w/600w/1000w for softball pitch for your reference.
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