How to choose the Light for some special sport field

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There are several sports:Flag football, Gateball, Lacrosse and Frisbee. Although they are not the most popular sports, we provide high-bar LED floodlights for these sports so that they can be played outdoors at night.We have LED products to replace metal halide lamps, let’s explore the lighting requirements of these 4 sports

American Flag Football

Compared with the American football game, waist flag football rules do not allow holding and pushing people, the defense side pull down the ball on the offensive players belt of a waist flag, attack is blocked, is a safe “non-collision” sports, sports technology is simple, tactical diversity, sports load suitable, fun is very strong

Flag Football Field LED Light

During the game, we must accurately pull the flag on the opponent’s waist to fight back, so the lighting of the waist flag football field is very important, the effective brightness enables us to accurately locate the opponent’s waist flag. Rapid movement makes this sport have a very high requirement on glare. Mecree LED effectively controls glare, which improves the feasibility of this sport at night


Gateball is an outdoor ball game, also known as croquet, in which the ball is hit with a mallet through an iron gate on flat ground or lawn.Door ball is the mixed blood child of golf ball and billiard, not only the rule is simple, relaxed and interesting, and can stimulate brainpower, stimulative body and mind, it is current at present the new movement with the most economic benefit, old and young all appropriate

Gateball Illumination

HID lights are replaced with LED Light, allowing players to easily aim and control the ball.The power consumption can be reduced by 75% while maintaining the same brightness. The bidirectional lens also ensures no flicker and no glare LED floodlight on the Gateball lawn.


Lacrosse has a long history. The pyramids in Egypt and the wall carvings in ancient Greece have pictures of hockey matches.In the tang dynasty, it was popular to “play ball by foot”, which was similar to the popular Lacrosse

Outdoor Lacrosse lawn Illumination

Outdoor LED Lacrosse field lighting allows us to track players and fast-moving balls. IP 66 level also guarantees the normal luminous function in bad weather, which is suitable for the mast with a height of 10-50 meters


A sport that combines the concept of American football into a frisbee. The ultimate frisbee moves by running empty-handed and passing the frisbee to the touchdown area to score points

Frisbee Field Illumination

For high-speed frisbee movement at night, we need a good vision and a clear site to play this sport well, so good LED lighting is essential.After each exercise will promote the human body’s metabolism, keep healthy.

If you would like to get the lighting opinion and price quote for the sports lighting, please feel free to contact us by filling in the info in the contact form, or shoot us a message to email

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