How to Provide an Excellent Lighting for Art Studio

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Art studio lighting is crucial to painters. It is not enough to be only able to see objects (brightness) , the painter must see the exact color (CRI) to produce the best art. For starters, good lighting will help them recognize real colors and reduce eye strain. Let’s discuss how our LED floodlights can be applied to art galleries and studios, and why we should use LED to replace metal halides, HPS.

1. The lighting in the studio should be bright enough

How do I know if the illumination in the art studio is high enough? We can consider the power consumption (wattage) and lighting efficiency (lumen output) of the lighting. For example, fluorescent lamps and LED emit different brightness at the same power consumption because they have different lighting efficiency.
Fluorescent lamps have a luminous efficiency of about 60 to 93 lumen per watt, while LED has a luminous efficiency of 100 to 150 lumen per watt, so LED is regarded as energy-saving light source. As a result, replacing fluorescent or other HID lighting with LED lights can significantly reduce your operating costs.
How bright should an art studio be? Commercial art studios should have a brightness of 500 lux for general lighting requirements. Please feel free to contact us for lighting design, and choose the right LED power.

2. High CRI LED lighting for Art Studio

CRI is another important parameter that we need to consider before purchasing. High CRI lighting enables artists to see the true colors of sculptures, canvas and other works of art. The maximum CRI of our LED lighting solution is 95, which is very close to the value of sunshine (100). Usually for community art studios, CRI 80 is enough.

3. Reduce the heat emitted by the light in the art studio

LED floodlights are a smart choice for art studios because they generate less heat than traditional lights such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. High room temperature can cause many problems, such as affecting the nature of paint, as well as the quality of drawing paper. It will also increase the burden of air conditioning, thereby increasing your electricity bills. Our LED lights convert more than 95% of energy into light rather than waste heat.

4. Flicker free LED lights to reduce eye fatigue

Have you ever tried drawing in twinkling light? If you have, you must have experienced that, your eyes will soon get nervous and you can’t continue to work, due to our eyes need to adapt to strobe light. Our LED lights have the latest anti-glare and flicker free design, which can greatly improve the lighting of the art studio.

5. Choose the appropriate color temperature

5000 to 6000K is the best choice for the studio as it is close to natural light.

6. Adjustable light

Our LED floodlights can be designed with 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI, DMX512. The dimming function can flexibly control the illumination brightness at dusk. When the sun is not bright enough, we can turn on the indoor lights and choose the appropriate brightness to achieve comfortable lighting.


Mecree 100-5000W floodlights with professional engineer team can meet your different standard remands for art studio lighting projects. If you are interested, have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us via for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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