Arena lighting design for the bidding project

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If you are an electrical contractor, lighting designer or local building contractor, then your choice is correct. MECREE offers professional arena lighting design. We build long-term business relationships with our customers because we solve their problems and help them generate revenue and reputation. Not only as an LED lighting manufacturer, but also as a major project developer, we fully recognize the needs of end users and provide solutions for customer arena projects after design.
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MECREE lighting design mainly considers two core factors:


① Understand and meet the demands of end customers

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The owners of the stadium attach great importance to the quality of light. For example, whether the light is enough to illuminate the arena, with or without shadows, and no light leakage. In the arena lighting design industry for 10 years, we understand many lighting parameters such as luminous flux (unit: lumens or lm) and luminous flux density (unit: lux or lx). This parameter is often used in the DIALUX simulation of arena lighting design. Simply put, lumens refers to the brightness of a candle outside of a meter of light. The greater the lumens of the light fixture, the brighter the illuminance of the light fixture. Lux measures the actual brightness of light when it reaches the ground. For example, a 1000 watt LED stadium light produces 150,000 lumens, while at a height of 20 meters or 30 meters, the lux will be different. If you know that the lux value will be higher in this case? 20 meters or 30 meters? Your answer is 20 meters, then you have understood the concept of lux.
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Depending on the level of application, Lux requirements range from 200 to 3500 lux. For amateur use, casual football clubs or golf courses, the lighting requirements are 200-600 lux. For large arenas or stadiums, the brightness requirements are 600-1000 lux. For the Premium League, the FIFA World Cup Stadium, the lux will be 2500-3200 lux, which is very high. Arena lighting design is especially important for such large and professional sports fields.
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MECREE PROJECT – Boland cricket stadium in South Africa

For the Television or non TV broadcast competitions of the lux level standard is different between. According to the FIFA’s stadium lighting guide, the class V (i.e. international televised such as World Cup) football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf), which is very high. Arena lighting design is especially important for such large and professional sports fields.

② What are the further needs of the end customer?

After meeting the basic brightness requirements of the end customer site, the customer requires more is the best price, delivery time, delivery time, warranty period and warranty requirements are normal. With 10 years of experience in high-power lights, we have the current high-quality patented products. Combining the needs of the market and customers, MECREE has always controlled the cost of developing high-quality products, to bring the benefits and reputation for customers, and bring the comfortable service for lighting for users, and bring friendly environment. Because of this, we can win the FIFA World Cup project.
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Finally, if the end customer is a replacement project, they will worry about whether the total weight of the light exceeds the safety factor of the light pole. In addition to the illumination and price of the light, it is an important element of the whole lighting project. If the total weight of the LED light exceeds the safety factor of the pole, then the project is likely to require expensive reinforcement costs and replacement pole costs. The arena lighting design is a tool that accurately predicts the number of fixtures and the weight of the installation.And we combined with the requirements of the market customers, designed a circular light GL-SPL model that can be directly replaced for the stadium where the traditional round lamp was installed.
If you would like to learn more about GL-SPL model, please feel free to contact us.

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